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Yoga Weight Loss Plan

Yoga for weight loss – this is not the most popular way to lose weight. Most prefer diets, pills, teas and even the effect of the 25th frame. This is understandable: yoga does not exercise for weight loss. Initially, it is a way of life, a system of physical and mental culture, a means of achieving harmony of spirit, mind, and body. But motor activity inevitably leads to the loss of extra pounds.

Yoga: Plan for weight loss and recovery

For most people, the word “yoga” is associated with calmness, endurance, and relaxation. And for weight loss is considered the right to work hard in the gym, do aerobics or swim for a long distance at a fast pace. Exercises from yoga practice, with all their apparent simplicity and the absence of severe loads, acting on the body in a complex. Proper breathing keeps many muscle groups in good shape, and oxygenation does not let you get exhausted. During training, stress resistance is developed.

The complex includes exercises called that karma. They provide the body with the maximum amount of oxygen and have a cleansing effect. Having learned to breathe correctly in training, a person continues to do it in everyday life.

What exercises and yoga pose for weight loss is better to choose, so that the process was most effective? We hope that advice will help you.

  • Want to get in good shape quickly – workouts should be intense. Have a health problem? Choose a gentle mode
  • Inclusion in the complex of strength exercises contributes to building muscle mass. If the goal is a slender appearance – they should be avoided. But performing activities for stretching, you can forget about increasing muscle mass.
  • There may be the pain in the muscles (crush), caused by unusual physical activity for the body and the accumulation of lactic acid in them. In this case, a warm bath or a light jog in the open air will help. The appearance of the pain of a different nature after workouts indicates improper exercise.

When practicing yoga, fat gradually disappears, the muscles become elastic and taut, the joints gain mobility, and the whole body becomes flexible and agile. Since simultaneously with the splitting of adipose tissue is an active form of muscle mass, the effect of weight loss may not be very noticeable. But is it worth worrying about the numbers on the scales, if the changes taking place with the figure are so impressive?

Exercises are done only in a well-ventilated room, on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a heavy meal (1-2 hours after any snack). During the first classes, exercises need to be done for no more than 15 minutes and often rest in between.

No matter how diverse and challenging yoga, poses for losing weight are very simple, they can be performed with minimal training.


Need to lie on your back, stretching his legs. Taking a deep breath, tighten one leg and press the knee against the stomach. Breath-hold, and then exhale straighten and lower the leg to the floor. Hands should be straightened along the body; legs straightened to the full. Similar movements repeat the other leg. Asana strengthens the abdominal muscles, promotes the discharge of gas, and relieves back pain.


Lie on the floor, face down. Hands should be stretched along the body, fists clenched, chin touching the floor, toes spread. Take a deep breath and lift one leg as high as you can. Hold your breath and then slowly lower your leg to the floor. Repeat the same movement with the other leg, and then both at the same time. Body weight when performing exercises should fall on the chin, resting against the floor. After resting, you can repeat the exercise by placing palms under the upper thighs and pushing them upwards. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the hips, back, abdominal wall, relieves flatulence. Similar movements make a foot, and then both at once. This is a beneficial exercise for the lower abdomen, back of the hips. Muscles are strengthened, swelling of the intestine is gone.

There are several standing poses, which seem to be quite simple, but their implementation requires balance and strength because they contribute to the strengthening of muscles. The poses of the Chair, Virgin, Eagle, Crescent, Warrior, and Triangle are widely described on the Internet and can be included in a yoga program for successful weight loss.


Absolute contraindications to classes are mental disorders of various kinds, heart and musculoskeletal disorders, oncological diseases, the postoperative period, disorders of the vestibular apparatus. In the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, at elevated body temperature, overwork, high blood pressure, classes should be postponed until the state improves.

During pregnancy, you can do only light exercises, without a load on the muscles of the back, abdomen, and legs.

Yoga exercises affect the psychological state of a person. One of the basic principles of yoga is the acquisition of personal integrity and self-acceptance. The extra weight with this approach is not a tragedy, but one of the manifestations of the person himself. This saves a tremendous amount of energy, which ceases to go into the struggle between attitudes and desires and, taking an active form, is directed towards the realization of the goal of losing weight.