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What is the Perfect Dental Care Routine?


You have to follow a proper oral care regimen to maintain a healthy mouth and clean and beautiful teeth. Very well, but what does this famous regime consist of? Here we tell you about it in detail.

What is the perfect dental care regimen for you? What does it consist of? Many talk about it, but not everyone knows it! And it is actually something simple and at the same time vital for your teeth, because they have to stay healthy and strong all the life, or the maximum possible time.

Electric Tooth Brush

There is no point of comparison between a manual tooth brush and an electric one. The electric brush is three times more effective than the manual. These are usually used in lateral movements, being able to abrade the gums and the neck of the tooth. The electric brushes, in contrast, vibrate in three directions and it means that they clean in greater depth.The electric brushes are a positive revolution for those who still use a manual for cleaning.

How many times do I brush?

You should at least do it twice a day. Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to brush teeth after every meal, but it is important to do it in the morning and at night, preferably before breakfast and before going to bed. In fact, this habit of brushing after eating may be harmful than beneficial, especially after ingestion of acidic foods such as citrus, since brushing would remove enamel weakened by acid.

When do I change my tooth brush?

You are supposed to change your brush in every 3 months. Changing the brush will help you avoid periodontal diseases.

The Role of Toothpaste

It is the complement of the brush, but all the pastes are not the same. You should prefer one with Fluoride and Sodium as they protect the teeth well and significantly improve the health of the gums, reduce dental hypersensitivity, protect against cavities, eliminate and prevent extrinsic stains, inhibit tartar and have a whitening effect. Use the right amount, about the size of a pea.

The Dental Floss

Although the rounded heads and the rotating action of the brush cleans the entire surface of the tooth very well, the interdental spaces need special care. Food leftover and tartar accumulate in them and you need to floss to remove them.

To use it, carefully and smoothly pass the floss caring hat you do not the gum. Roll each end into an index finger and hold it between the teeth and along the gum line with vertical movements.

Mouthwashes are an important help in keeping your mouth healthy because there are many surfaces where bacteria can settle and using a mouthwash after brushing is important to reduce its proliferation. And that’s it. What do you think? I suggest you to try this dental routine and you will see improvement in your oral health.