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Wanna Get Flex? Your Guide to Glo Yoga for Beginners

You’ve decided to give yoga a try. After all, you’ve heard about the many great benefits that yoga can offer you, like increased energy. Yoga helps many people get improved sleep and more flexibility. Regular yoga practice gives you developed muscle tone and helps you to maintain a better balance. For all these reasons, you’ve finally decided to take the big step and start practicing yoga.

Yoga for Beginners

How to Start Yoga

Now the question becomes, what’s the best way to start? Well, that’s where we come into the picture. When you use Glo’s online yoga classes for beginners, you get the chance to develop your yoga practice at any time, from anywhere. In fact, using Glo online yoga classes provides you with many benefits that you won’t find by going to a local yoga studio or even taking a private yoga class.

Benefits of Glo Online Yoga Classes

When it comes to online yoga classes for beginners through advanced practitioners, Glo offers the best instructions in a wide variety of yoga types. In contrast, even the best local yoga studios can only offer yoga in 1 or 2 kinds of yoga. At Glo, we have an extensive library of online yoga courses that offer instruction in ten or twelve different styles.

Glo Offers Many Styles of Yoga

We provide instruction at Glo in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga, to name a few. We also offer prenatal and postnatal yoga, as well as Restorative yoga for people who are trying to recover their fitness due to trauma, aging or injury. But at Glo, we are more than just yoga.

At Glo, We’re More Than Yoga

That’s why we’ve changed our name from Yogaglo to simply Glo. We want to make sure you realize everything we have to offer you. Our emphasis and our mission are to help empower people to improve their lives through wellness. Besides yoga, we offer Pilates, meditation and an incredible mind and body series called Beyond the Mat.

Mind and Body Classes

In our Beyond the Mat series, our experts discuss everything from history and the philosophy of yoga to topics like lifestyle choices and healthy living. So, as you can see, we offer a much broader experience than you can get at the local studio, or even if you take classes from a private yoga instructor.

Unlimited Access With Your Subscription

An added benefit? You get all these classes for the simple price of $18 a month. In keeping with our mission of wellness for everyone, Glo is committed to keeping our course catalog affordable for everybody. As a result, you get unlimited access to all our classes and not just our online yoga for beginners.

With your unlimited access, we encourage you to take a look at everything we offer you. Give yourself the opportunity to grow your wellness knowledge base and expand your wellness horizons.

Want Flexibility? We Know Flex.

Another benefit? Glo’s ultimate flexibility. Since we offer an online yoga and meditation community, you can practice your Pilates, yoga for beginners or meditation practice at home, or on the go. Having this flexibility is the key to success.

Traveling for work, or for your children’s sports team? Not a problem. Just take Glo’s yoga for beginners with you and you can still practice. You can only work out when your baby’s taking a nap? That isn’t an issue. With our flexible class lengths, you can practice our classes in increments ranging from just 5 minutes up to a full-body two-hour session.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Take your class any time from anywhere. Customize our yoga, Pilates and meditation instruction to you. As you progress from yoga for beginners to a more advanced level, there’s no need to transfer to another class, like at your local yoga studio. We can grow with you, with our library of thousands of classes taught by world-class instructors.

Try Glo’s Free Trial

So why not give us a try today? Find out what it’s like to get wellness classes with convenience. Try us for a free 15-day trial. You’re sure to love it.