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Truth About Abs Review – Is Mike Geary Scam or Program Really Effective for 6-Pack Abs?

tabsAs claimed by the author as well as found in many reviews, Truth about Abs is really something suitable for people who are conscious about health, weight, and abs as well. The plan includes 84 unique lean body meal plans and 6 unique exercises that educate you to tear off and stimulate fat loss without any supplements, pills or any other unnatural means.

Product Review – Mike Geary’s Program Function

The eBook is 120 pages PDF that provides the instructional guidance about nutrition diets, effective abs, and cardio workouts to escape from natural appearance, and lose the flab on their tummy. The theme of the program to lose fat on the whole body revealing on abs rather than crunches. Mike highlighted a variety of abs workouts to practice keeping priority on their diet. He gives a step by step meal plans with a list of foods that help in burning fat and a complete diet approach for those who want to keep their abs pretty and firm.

Additionally the eBook also provides guidelines to gain a flatter stomach or 6 pack abs. The guideline is not one size fit all. There are varieties of exercises, lifestyle and diet changes categorized for women and men. So people can customized this plan according to their requirements. It also educates mistake to avoid while doing abs workout.

Truth about Abs Author Review – Mike Geary’s Credibility

mikeMike Geary is popular nutrition expert and accredited personal trainer for reduction body fat. He has recently updated his fat loss system. Graduated in Science from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, has now more than 400,000 fans from 163 countries. Among his famous creation, The Fat Burning Kitchen, Lean Body Fitness Secrets and an online fitness newsletter got much popularity.

Positive Feedback For Truth About Six Pack Abs

  • All the instructions are devised in easy to understand language. It makes it easy for you to follow.
    It gives a non restrictive and effective diet plan that is balance and helps you to have easy ways to lose weight.
  • There is a training component included in this program that helps you to follow these strategies with ease.
  • It only requires you to 30 to 45 minutes workout only 2 to 3 times in a week
  • Suitable for all ages and any body type
  • Exercises are so fun and comfortable that can be done at home. So no extra expenses for gym and memberships
  • Free customer support on email
  • 100% money back guarantee


Negative Feedback of Truth About Abs Program

  • Needs a dedicated time of hard effort to see desired results. Program is no magic pill or one night solution.
  • Dieters are required to adapt new life style and diets to see changes.
  • There is no forum or community to exchange views and get real user experiences.

Final Comments on Review – Mike Geary Scam or Legit Summarized

Reviewing Truth About Abs and collecting the facts about its merits and demerits, Mike Geary’s credibility, the content and features of the program and guarantees gave me the opportunity to find true facts and figures about the success of the program. What I observed that there are more positive feed back by the users as compared to negative ones. However giving a try to something is far better than taking someone else’s recommendation, and that becomes more convenient when try comes with money back guarantee. So feel free to try it!