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Top Four Diets to Aid Weight Loss

Healthy weight makes you live longer to your fullest as well as it gives you a confidence as you look your best in any ensemble that you wear. These two are the main reasons which are motivating more and more people to lose weight and adopt a healthy life style.

Healthy and nutritious diet and an exercise regime are the basic factors which aid weight loss. But not all the people are up to heavy duty exercises, plus the urge to lose more weight within lesser time makes people take help from supplements and dietary plans. There are a number of dietary plans and supplements which aid in weight loss, out of which we have selected top 4 for you:

1.     Atkins Diet

In Atkins diet, you are allowed to eat as much proteins and fats as much you like but you have to avoid eating carbs. This diet progresses through 4 phases:

        I.            Induction Phase

In this phase you have to eat high protein and fat vegetables like leafy greens for two weeks while refraining from carbs.

     II.            Balancing Phase

You add nuts, low carb vegetables, and fruits to your diet in this phase.

   III.            Fine-Tuning Phase

In this phase, you are very close to your goal weight. You add more carbs to your diet until it slows down your weight loss.

   IV.            Maintenance Phase

You can eat as many low carbs as you like without regaining weight.

2.     HCG Diet

HCG diet is an extreme weight loss diet which uses HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone as a supplement to aid weight loss. This diet has 4 phases:

        I.            Loading Phase

It’s the HCG diet protocol phase 1 and lasts for two days. In this phase you can eat as much high calorie and fatty foods as you like. This helps in storing fat to go through the 2nd phase smoothly.

     II.            Weight Loss Phase

In the HCG diet protocol phase 2 you follow a 500 calorie diet for 26 to 40 days to lose weight. HCG is taken orally or is injected daily amounting to 125 IU-175 IU of dosage, but is disconnected 3 days prior to the phase end. The diet contains coffee/tea, 1 protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit and a melba toast daily.

   III.            Transition Phase

This phase lasts for 3 weeks. In this phase healthy fats are added one by one in the existing diet to allow your digestive system to adjust to the additions. The healthy fat foods include salmon, avocado, tuna, nuts, almond butter etc.

   IV.            Maintenance Phase

This phase lasts for lifetime. It includes maintaining healthy diet and the habits gained in phase 3. You have to restrict to portion control and adopt healthy life style to maintain the reduced weight.

3.     Paleo Diet

This diet consists of eating lean proteins, nuts, fruits, vegetable and seeds. You have to avoid grains, dairy, sugar and processed foods. The basis of this diet is the belief that we should eat the same foods as our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before the agriculture developed.

This diet has impressive health benefits. In some flexible versions of this diet, cheese, butter and tubers are also allowed. Studies show that people following this diet automatically consume lesser carbs and are more active and healthier in their life.

4.     The ACV and Garcinia Cambogia Diet

In this diet ACV (apple cider vinegar) and garcinia cambogia are used for weight loss. The people follow a basic diet of low carbs and restricted portion. A mixture of ACV dissolved in water and garcinia cambogia are taken 30-45 minutes before taking two big meals of your day.

This diet helps in body fat reduction, reduces starch digestion rate, increases metabolism, suppresses appetite, oxidises stored fats, enhances satiety and manages Ph level. Hence it provides effective weight loss aid.

Hope you have basic information about the most popular diets now. For further information feel free to contact us.