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Thin from Within Program Review – Scam by Brad Pilon?

With the possible exception of a very small percentage of people, everybody wants to look trim, fit, lean. Most individuals have a vain streak within, and why not? Have it, flaunt it. It is as simple as that. And in addition to making one look good and appealing, there is the most important benefit of staying healthy. Poor health and heavy weight are natural bedfellows and you can be sure that if you weigh more than what you are supposed to, then some day or the other, you will pay for it, through hospital bills, through difficult mobility, through illnesses. And most people miss the point that very rarely, if ever, is there any treatment at all that will work for everyone with one kind of treatment.

The Thin from Within System by Brad Pilon seems to suggest that their method will act through multiple ways to offer weight loss. Now, this is something different, unlike other methods. But before we actually take it at face value, let’s first dig deep into information about the author of the program to understand if this will make you lose your weight or your money.


Now, who is Brad Pilon? The author of this program “Thin from Within”, which also goes by a different name “Te Truth about Keto”, has the right credentials. He is an international author, acclaimed and acknowledged as a nutritionist, and an expert in biology and physiology. The combination of these three areas of expertise surely puts him right in the spotlight, as one who knows what he is taking about.  He is pretty active on social media with more 19K followers eagerly awaiting his tweets. With a reputation as good as this, we can safely proceed to the more useful aspects of the book, with the confidence that we are listening to a true expert who has delivered results.

What’s so different about this? How does it work?

The program Thin from Withinis conceived with different phases that act like accretion, where multiple layers of action work atop previous phases to help women shed weight easily and most importantly remain that way. The biggest problem that most people have experienced in weight loss programs is the fact that after a phase of losing weight, they invariably end up getting it back. This rebound of weight is something that is addressed here. And this, makes the book a lot more interesting and different. This sets the book and the program apart, giving us something to think about. Over three phases, three different goals are sought to be achieved, which  will benefit females, rejigging  the balance, so that fat burns naturally.

The three phases found in Thin from Within are listed below with brief descriptions of what is involved in each section.

Level 1 – Microflora Rebalancing

The attention of medical professionals have been drawn to the connection between microflora and the way in which it can bring about weight loss in people. There is consensus among experts that a powerful link exists between metabolism and a healthy digestion system. According to them, this helps to burn fat quickly and efficiently. Human bodieshave a balance of good and bad bacteria, and the digestive system is kepthealthy by maintaining the balance of bacteria.Bodies fall sick or unhealthy when the balanced goes haywire. Microfloraimbalance results in a tired and stressed feeling and it has been also been considered as the reasons for slow metabolism and increase in weight gain, apart from creating a condition where it is difficult to arrest weight gain or lose it.

The program aims to first strike the balance in the microflora in the female body. Here, the GI tract is restored to the balanced levels it needs to work properly. It is also known to offer beneficiaries with improved energy levels, greater vitality, and metabolism that burns fat in a more efficient manner. During this phase of the program, participants are advised on diets that they need to stay away from which will help them to strike the balance necessary in digestive systems, and this, in turn, will trigger metabolism to start working efficiently.  This balance is achieved by staying away from certain types of food and consuming in larger portions certain types of food. This combination of balancing helps to create a conducive condition for good microflora.

Level 2 – Metabolic Rebalancing

Here, participants get to balance their metabolism through exercise and a calculated diet. This phase of the program is intended to help participants burn fat stored up by the body over the years, and as the female metabolism is unique, it is necessary for these methods to be developed.  Apart from customization, Thin from Within offers a personalized program that will meet the specific needs of participants, based on their body type and the lifestyle. The program aims to improve hormone effectiveness in the female body and burn fat, which in turn sets the stage for weight loss. Here, proprietary software has been relied on to turn this phase more efficient, offering recommendations on the numbers of calories and carbs, in addition to the protein consumption levels that are ideal.  Apart from diet portion, this phase will give users workouts specially designed to meet the specific needs of users.  The bonus here is the set of videos with extensive coaching and explanation to help newcomers get their work outs right and see results in this phase itself.

Level 3 – Fine tuning

Achieving results through Thin from Withindemands a change in lifestyle. To derive maximum benefits from the program, all participants need to continue sticking to the different phases till goals are met. Thin from Withinprogram comes from deep experience that understands the difficultiesassociated with stick to a program, and this has prompted the developer to establish an extensive community and support system.

Here, in these forums, participants can reach out, seek, and find the right kind of support to understand and share with others the success and challenges in moving through a weight loss program.  On the program, in this phase, successful users of the program are showcased, and this helps to motivate others and give real and verifiable proof about the success of the program.

Apart from the community section, the program has on call, expert coaches to assist users with queries they may raise with regard to any aspect of the program.  The experts assist participants to personalize the program to tailor it to their needs, which will help them to stick to their program and see considerable progress.

Where other programs have failed, will this succeed? And to what extent?

Quite understandably, many individuals will take claims with a pinch of salt. This is because other programs may have been taken up with great enthusiasm only to find that the results are not so encouraging. Here, the program offers something more than the usual run of the mill book or program. It offers something that is scientific and proved. Here are some compelling reasons to understand why this program will succeed when others have not.

  • This program assists individuals across levels, including a newbie to workout in anatmosphere that will offer safe and optimised results.
  • The program does not offer a magic wand. Instead, it shows how it can help individuals optimize the natural female fat burning hormones and get results.
  • A list of the best nutritional meal plans are provided alongwith the book to help users attain weight loss goals, and understand strategies, which will help them to achieve weight loss quickly.
  • It offers an ecosystem of support through community and experts. Therefore participants will never feel lonely or let down or ignorant. All important facts, tips advanced nutrition and strategies will be discussed threadbare.
  • The program helps readers to shed fat quickly, by stimulating natural metabolism. Losing fat while simultaneously This combination of shedding weight and stimulating metabolism naturally are all that is required for spectacular results.
  • This book offers relief from rebound weight gain. This is achieved because of the healthy metabolism that will come about during the various phases or levels of the program.

Lets look at some of the Pros & Cons of the program

  • The book/program is digital and user-friendly, free from clutter or ambiguous content. In an easy to understand format, this will help users grasp every single aspect quickly.
  • The program displays how it is possible to easily track and achieve desired weight loss goal in a very short span of time, and in some cases in just under a few days.
  • This program is 100% safe, works efficiently and offers great beneficiaries through simple to follow and clearly explained exercises.
  • This is an affordable program and can certainly be a part of routine.
  • Customers for some reason, find the digital program as an avenue to take advantage of the money back guarantee, and experience complete customer satisfaction.


  • This comes in an online version at present. This means that users need an internet connection to gain access to this program.

Truth About Keto

Duration of the program?

The program typically requires around 12 weeks for females. While results will be seen a lot faster than expected, workouts are necessary to help females understand and get into hormonal rhythm. Here the work out also offers tips about the types of exercises that need to be avoided and the types of exercises that need to diligently followed. And the best part is that some of the exercises can be performed from the comfort of homes without having to step into a gym. That is the beauty of the program. It is all about empowering and offering insights to females to go about weight reduction in a natural way, by using and optimizing their bodies’ hormonal balance to burn fat naturally.

True to its title, ‘Thin from Within’ works from the inside and spares users from the problems of having to go through difficult workout sessions and restrictive diets to get fit. One of the most important aspects of this program is the fact that it naturally keeps the leptinlevels high.  This means that fat is burned all through the day. This is achieved through a combination of the right kind of diets and exercises. And by maintaining leptin levels high, the program helps women to stay fit for a longer period. This does away with the problem of weight rebound. Brad Pilon emphasizes and demonstrates through the 12 week program that this is an effective and simple way of achieving weight loss, without having to resort to the unhealthy option of Ketogenic diets which have the inherent risk of weight rebound.

Reviews of verified users  

The program earned rare and positive reviews from verified users. Not only was the product bought by these users, it was also used as per most of the instructions over a particular period of time.  There has been nothing on social media to suggest that the program is not of a good quality. The availability of the reviews of the book, and the public domain interaction of the author offers great transparency to actual user reviews. The only difference that has been witnessed, is the fact that results have varied from person to person. This is acceptable, and is not disputed, in fact, the program claims that results will vary from person to person.

The final word  

A great program to join, this comes in a 100% money back guarantee. Which means that users who find that the program is not satisfactory or up to the mark may seek and receive a refund. This renders confidence among users to try out the product. And it also speaks volumes about the confidence of the author of the program about the efficacy of the program. Nice to have this book and use the program to see results with certainty, that will last long.

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