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The Lean Belly Secret by Bruce Krahn Review (Scam Investigation)

Lean Belly Secret
Who does not really want to be lean and mean, with washboard abs? None, actually. No one would certainly want to be called jelly belly behind their backs. And hiding a big belly is like trying to hide a full large sized donut in your mouth. It simply is as obvious as daylight. Apart from the sometimes funny, but mostly uncharitable comments, you stand the risk of ruining your health. The health of the guts is pivotal to good health and impacts health in so many ways that people were not even aware. For instance, did you know that poor gut health can cause diabetes, or skin disorders? Now that your attention is drawn to the benefits of good gut health, lets first see how you can go about achieving good health and shed your jelly belly or that stubborn fat that seems to be determined to outlive you.

The Lean Belly Secret, a program consisting of many dieting tips,simple exercises and some cheat sheets, claims to help users lose fat at the rate of one pound every day. Now that is indeed a claim that needs to be checked. One pound?Really? Now before we jump to conclusions lets first take a look to see if there is merit in the claims. While the urge to dismiss it as hyperbole is actually strong, there is something about the author Bruce Krahn and Dr.Heinrick that prompts us to take a good look at the contents. Because, we do not judge a book by its cover or the claims it makes, but only by its contents and the creator of the contents. Both Krahn and Dr.Heinrick have good reputations. So, let’s first see who these gentlemen are, before we dive into the program.


Who exactly is Bruce Krahn, and what does he do? Bruce is a celebrity weight loss expert, having considerable experience coaching and assisting the likes of Criss Angel. He is a regular on shows related to fitness, exercise and health programs. So, he definitely has considerable knowledge about fitness and weight reduction. Now, let’s look at the other gentleman Dr.Heinrick. The name is a pseudonym, intended to protect the identity. However, such a person actually exists with credentials. Apparently this doctor shared a few tips with Krahn, on how to help reduce the weight of Krahn’s father-in-law after a heart attack. And as the narrative goes, Krahn’s father-in-law lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. While there is intense debate about the actual weight loss achieved, there is agreement that weight loss was indeed achieved. There is also a video testimonial regarding the incident with Krahn’s father-in-law. So, we have established the credentials of the author and the circumstances surrounding the creation of this program. Let’s look deeper now.

What’s the big deal about this program? There are countless other programs. So, what exactly is different as claimed by the creators of this program?


This program comprises information that helps individuals desirous of losing weight. Neither does it require a visit to a gym or health club, nor do you have to swallow pills or be on some kind medication. It helps individuals to move into the lane of good health. The creators have stressed on the need for ridding the body of stubborn belly fat to lead a healthy life. It comes with a guide to lose fat fast, a collection of actions and tips to melt belly fat, diets and recipes to turnaround heart disease and diabetes, in addition to a plan to get on a healthy diet schedule. The guide lists out foods and beverages that need to be avoided, and recommends a few herbs and spices required by the body to flush out toxins. The program lists out a few early warning signs and indications that all is not well with your heart, which will help you to intervene early on and save your life. Perhaps the best part of the book is the short 2 minute ritual that claims to be an emergency fat reduction method.

The program claims that diets do not actually work always, and are bound to flatten out at some time, in addition to depriving the body of nutrients. The advice in the program is to pick the right kind of foods, and dispense with bad food products, rather than going on a crash diet. It also populates a list of a few desserts that will not harm you, even if you happen to have blood sugar issues. It gives a more or less blow by blow account of how to determine if your heart is healthy or not. The same method that Dr.Heinrick used to help Krahn’s father-in-law is spelt out clearly, including an amazing method of making use of, or rather, exploiting your sleeping metabolism for best results. The program includes a video showcasing the 60 second belly shred workout of Krahn, which has actually been found to be useful by a large number of people. The program also includes a little cheat sheet to help you track your progress. Basically, the program is all about taking a few foods, shunning some kinds of foods, following a little workout plan, and making full use of metabolic action during sleep. The claims of Krahn, now begin to look a little bit more realistic when he says that ten percent of body fat can be shed in the first two weeks into the program. Now, that is something wholly believable and achievable, looking at the what the program offers, by way of information and tips. Ideally the book is meant for individuals aged more than 50 years of age of both genders. However, it is also useful for individuals of other age categories also, without any lessening of the effects of the program.

How exactly will this program deliver results faster than other programs? Any scientific basis for such claims?

Taking claims with a pinch of salt is certainly justified in an era where any person can make a claim and disappear with your money. Therefore, similar reactions to the claims made by this book are not unexpected. Let’s see how this program will offer results where others have failed and in such a short time.

Belly fat forms in a manner similar to fat in other parts of the body. But this accumulated fat, as the potential to cause possible cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes and bad cholesterol. This program is different from other programs in that, unlike other programs, it works without the rebound effect. Almost all diets and programs seem to produce a rebound effect, taking a person back to where he or she started. This program is different, as it is designed to achieve results that will last. What’s unique with this program is that it looks at the main reason for the problem, and rolls out corrective exercises and diets. It is a pretty straightforward and easy to followprogram, that helps to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat. One of the added advantages of getting rid of fat, is the difference in appearance that is brought about, helping confidence levels of individuals in social circles and situations.

Here are some of the Pros of the program

  • The program is extremely simple to follow, and is straightforward. There really is no beating around the bush, or use of language that is difficult to understand. It eliminates all room for confusion.
  • It is created by an individual who is an expert in the field and one who has considerable reputation among the health conscious. He is a celebrity fitness expert and his opinions and research are certainly of value.
  • It is 100% safe, works cleanly, through simple to follow guides.
  • It works for all ages, despite being originally designed to help those above fifty years of age. A program that works for all is surely an indication that it is fully effective.
  • It looks at the very root of the problem, and that is actually where it makes a lot of difference. Unlike other programs that are designed to offer a solution that could be temporary in nature, this program, by tackling the main cause, offers a longer lasting solution.
  • The two month money back guarantee is some form of assurance for individuals who may still be apprehensive of the claims. The combination of the results, the reviews of actual users, our indepth analysis, the reputation of the creator of the program and the money back guarantee are surely too good to pass over.

Here are some of the Cons of the program

  • This is in a digital version. While the new generation of millennials and Gen Z may be comfortable with digital versions, it remains to be seen, how the elder generations view this presentation.
  • Despite it being a relatively simple to follow program, it also calls for some kind of discipline. There is nothing magical about a program. It requires effort, and control. Without both, results will be diluted.

Duration of the program?

The program typically needs somewhere more than a month to see reduction in the range of around 10 pounds. Now, while this is not exactly what has been claimed, it really is something to be happy about. It is possible that the creators achieved this, but then, we need to understand that the creator of the program was already into fitness and health at the time he was first introduced to this technique. So, for an expert, it is possible to get into shape real fast, whereas for others it may take some more time. So, do not worry about the time taken, but look at the results achieved through a very simple program. And you can performthe workout from the comfort of your home without having to step into a gym or a health club. That is the differentiator in the program.

Reviews of verified users

The program did earn its share of positive and negative reviews. However, to the credit of the creators of the program, many misgivings were dispelled when they were interviewed by reviewers who then went on to remove the program from the infamous scam list. This means that the program does have merits and is worth a try. The program has seen brisk business, and has been purchased by a large number of users. Very often, programs that have little or no value,appear on the scene and disappear equally fast. However, with this program, there are no signs of it fading, and this is healthy indicator showing that the program is considered as useful by many. Plus the very fact that the creator’s reputation is on the line gives it legitimacy. After all, no celebrity fitness coach or expert would want to throw away his or her career on a program. Adverse social media comments suggesting that the program is poor, have not surfaced till now. The positive reviews, public persona of the creator of the program are actually reassuring. Results have, no doubt varied across individual users. However this is a common condition, seen even in advanced medical interventions.

Final Verdict!

It is safe, will hopefully help users to shed a lot of their belly fat, although not to the extent as claimed by the creator. It is quite simple to use and you do not have to go on a ridiculous crash diet. You do not have to spend a great deal of time trying to get into shape. You can greatly reduce the risk of diseases, some of which are fatal, by becoming healthy. And the best part about the program is that it comes with an100% money back offer. All the combined factors, such as the actual cost, the money back guarantee, the reputation, the reviews, the science behind the results, and the simplicity of the program makes it definitely worth a short.