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The Current State of Cosmetic Surgery in The World

ILLUSTRATION BY TRISTAN OFFIT. The overexposure due to social media has caused many massive disruptions in how society functions. One of them is the obsession with how we look – our physical appearance. We are all acutely aware of the effects on social media on the plastic surgery industry and yet there are no signs of recovery from this obsession. Parsons, a beauty Youtuber said that she was not under any form of pressure when she opted for a Juvederm – another name for fillers. She simply wanted to experiment with her looks and specifically her lips. A plastic surgeon on Manhattan Upper East Side, Dr. Dara Liotta claims that a big chunk of her clientele is internet personalities and media figures – specifically Youtubers and Instagrammers. While occupation-based segregation is a useful metric, we think that categorizing people who opt for cosmetic surgeries on the basis of their geographical and regional location would be a better idea. With the ever-advancing technology, many more varieties of such cosmetic procedures have cropped up in recent times. This report focuses on global trends in the cosmetic surgery industry.
Illustration 1 The colorful illustration above shows that breast augmentation surgeries like breast implants, breast lift, and breast reduction take up a major chunk of the pie. By no means does this come as a surprise, as the stronghold of Hollywood influence and the notion that – bigger is better, the need to get fuller breasts and better physique sprouts up in a big way amongst the females. Such breast augmentation surgeries can be broken down into sub-categories of the type of enhancements to show their popularity more precisely. Mainly there are two types – breast implants and breast lifts. Here is another illustration from the report which displays the popularity of various breast augmentation procedures worldwide.
As one can comprehend from the above bar-graph, breast implants are far more prevalent than breast lifts. And the fact that women with cup-size B opt for more breast implants and breast lifts more than any other group is also an intriguing fact. The second most performed surgery is liposuction – removal of fatty tissues. With nearly 14.6% of the population opting for liposuction, the ‘get slim fast’ trend is pretty clear. Although women and men are now spending equal time, money, and efforts towards looking good, cosmetic surgeries are opted by both the genders in an interesting way. Women are more indulged in cosmetic procedures than men in that 86% of women are opting for all cosmetic surgeries combined, while only a meager 14% of men are opting for the procedures designed for men. Specifically, hair transplant and penis enlargement are the most prominent surgeries amongst men. A plausible explanation for this disparity is that since its inception, most cosmetic surgeries have been designed for women and those that are designed for men are often not applicable for women. Looking at the above facts and figures, if you find yourself confused, we have just the perfect solution for you – an interactive world map published by Medzino that lets you choose a particular surgery type and shows its popularity across the globe using varying depths of color. Read about more such insights and the full report here.