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Organifi Green Juice Detoxification Review – Scam by Drew Canole?

Overview of Organifi Green Juice Power

Are you interested in detoxifying your body? Or work for your general health improvement? DO you feel like keeping your mental and physical energies fresh and active is important or do you feel your immune system would help you lead a better and improved lifestyle? Then Organifi Green Juice could be the answer for all this. Organifi Green Juice is a powder mix ready to be dissolved in a glass of water and provide you with the ease and benefits you are probably looking for.

Oranifi Green Juice is claimed to be an immune system boosting, mental and physical health improving drink and a detoxifying agent. Considered to be a superfood it is supposed to provide you various health benefits without any hassle. It is easy to make and seems pleasant in taste claiming to provide you a long list of healthy benefits. Though it costs a little too, it seems to be worthy of the price you pay for it. The product is available online on its website which is easily accessible.

About the Developer of the Organifi Powder Mix

Drew Canole, the developer of the product claims to be a nutrition specialist and a transformation specialist. He is also the national spokesperson about benefits of vegetable juices on health and vitality of the human body. Drew Canole is the founder of a website named Fitlife, where he leads a popular blog show about education on health, fitness, healing, and longevity.

Green vegetables and fruits have always been recommended by medical science and alternative medicine. Since ancient times it has been considered healthy and beneficial. Drew Canole hence also used this power of fresh greeneries and made a powdered form of these to help provide people with a healthy alternative. His idea was to save people from working on different combinations of fruits and vegetables by providing them with a perfect blend of various superfoods to make them a single superfood item meant to be consumed on daily basis. This would also save their time and energy and also save them put any effort in finding the right combination of their health systems and then proceeding to make them.

Organifi Green Juice Drink Ingredients and Powerful Capabilities

In the busy lifestyles, we lead shopping today for fresh vegetables and fruits, washing them, cutting and cleaning them, blending them and then drinking an unpleasant tasting drink seem an extra work. Cleaning up the leftovers afterward is also a headache. However, bringing a can of Organifi Green Juice mix you can save yourself from all this trouble.

Organifi proposes you to spare only 30 seconds per day to attain health benefits. The ingredients used to build this powerful drink are claimed to be USDA organic, GMO-free, Gluten free, soy free and vegan-friendly. The Organifi Green Juice consists of various green vegetables and fruits which are all individually beneficial to human health. These includes

  • Chlorella– A polyunsaturated fat-rich algae effective for reducing inflammation and treat cancer.
  • Moringa– Amino acids rich ingredient which is essential for cell repair, maintenance and growth in the body.
  • Spirulina–protein, iron, and calcium-rich food consumed to derive energy and strength in Central America.
  • Mint– The fragrant herb is used not only to add fragrance and taste but also helps treat indigestion, cramps, insomnia, and dental health.
  • Beets–Folate and Manganese rich vegetable known for their many benefits. They are supposed to thin blood and reduce heart diseases risk.
  • Matcha Green Tea– Contains an antioxidant named EGCG. They help reduce stress and appetite and regulate hormonal balance/
  • Wheatgrass– is termed as the lifeblood of plant life. It is believed to “cleanse and regenerate” the blood.
  • Ashwagandha– this is a combination of three elements, amino acids, some herbs, and vitamins. It not only helps reduce stress but also lower blood pressure, and help enhance the power of the immune system
  • Turmeric– it is known for its antioxidant capabilities since ancient times.
  • Lemon–Lemon is believed to reduce appetite, and stabilize blood sugar.
  • Coconut Water– The potassium-rich food item is helpful in the transfer of nutrients throughout your body. It also cleanses kidneys.


The Organifi Green Juice powder cans are available as a single bottle or three bottles or six bottles package at discounted prices.

  • A single bottle costs $57.95 only
  • pack of three bottles costs $149.95 only
  • pack of six bottles costs $249.95 only

Money Refund Guarantee

The Organifi green juice powder comes with the money back guarantee valid for 30 days. Even if you do not like the taste of the drink, the guarantee is valid. The Organifi Green Juice promises to be a No-Risk drink.


The Organifi Green Juice promises to

  • Save time
  • Provide mental clarity
  • Improve health
  • Reduce stress
  • Nutritious drink
  • Help boost immunity
  • Detoxify your body
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Easy to make
  • Not bad in taste


The Negative aspects of this superfood are that

  • Some may find it to be a little bit overpriced
  • The effects of fat loss may not be observable quickly
  • Online availability only
  • Lacks clinical evidence on certain claims
  • Not much evidence present of some possible effects of the drink as promised, g., not much helpful for weight loss or improved focus, balanced hormones, or improved sleep
  • Relying on the drink solely is not recommended
  • In the case of medical history or a medical emergency, a consultation with a medical practitioner is recommended before using this product.

 Bottom line (Is it a scam?)

Although green foods are considered to be nutritious and so does, the Organifi promises to be however it is not a magical drink. It does not provide effective results in a most satisfying manner, but it is not a scam. It does provide nutrition in a balanced quantity which is important for improvement of your health and would help you detoxify your body. But the drink alone cannot work properly as a stress reducing or weight loss agent. There should probably be some other diet plan followed along with the use of drink to achieve perfect results.