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Managing Diabetes at Work

Are you having diabetes and worried about managing it at your workplace?  There are various challenges you have to deal at workplace. Along with it, the hectic schedule can make diabetes more challenging. As the disease is a metabolic disorder and needs to be managed well or else it causes more severe issues. You need to follow effective measures to successfully tackle your blood sugar level, no matter what type of work you do:

Plan Your Day:

Make a note of your working hours and plan the day accordingly. List out the activities you can do during your busy schedule. Follow few tips:


  • Eat your breakfast properly
  • Keep moving at short intervals
  • Do not skip meals and snacks
  • Drink enough water throughout the day

Keep Informed Everyone About Diabetes at Workplace

Many people don’t know about the disorder and have no clue to manage it. Therefore, it is important to educate everyone on diabetes in its management. This will promote a healthier and more productive work environment. In case of low blood sugar level, your peers who are aware of the condition can help you in crisis.

An individual with well-managed diabetes does not pose any threats to the efficient working of a system. But the important point is that everyone in the workplace should have accurate information about diabetes and its management. With proper communication, cooperation the environment will become healthier and more productive.

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Check Blood Sugar and Take Medication

As per your comfort level, you can check blood sugar at your desk or in a restroom. Monitoring the sugar level can help to keep aware of the condition every time. Take the medications at regular intervals and keep reminders to make sure you take them on time.

If you take insulin, you can use an insulin pen to provide the necessary insulin into the body with the touch of a button on a device.

Talk about your medical needs

In order to self-manage your diabetes properly, just sit down and talk to your supervisor. Everyone will get intimate about your new diagnosis and can be supportive to the needs that come along with it. Also, you can check your blood sugars whenever you feel the symptoms.

Take regular snacks and meals

Make sure you have regular snacks and meals at different time intervals to keep your glucose level in check. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products etc. Check out the ones which can be good for your diabetes management. Get healthy snacks from home to satisfy your cravings in between the meal times as it maintains your blood sugar steady. Include whole grains (High fiber foods) in your diet as it will help keep your blood sugar steady.

Keep Necessary supplies at workplace

Always keep your glucometer and other essential diabetes supplies with you at all times at your workplace. You can also keep an insulin pump if you need it anytime.

Be Active

Though your job demands long hour sitting, still you should try to take a few minutes break and move from your desk. Since physical activity is a very important part of diabetes management. Make sure you get up and move around, take a walk or stretch. This not only keeps your metabolism going but also keep your refresh for a long time.

Take care of your feet.

High blood sugar level affects the foot in the majority of people suffering from this condition. This is quite common if you work on your feet. So, make sure your feet are in good health. Try to provide good foot care keeping them clean and dry. Try to put your feet up while sitting and move your toes up and down to keep blood flowing. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and socks as well.

Diabetes management

Usually, people manage diabetes by eating the healthy diet, maintaining weight and working out regularly. Few people need medications or insulin to keep the condition in check. However, the diabetic condition is unique to every person. The plan should be set according to the individual’s needs. Managing it with an effective plan which includes medical review, exercise program, and diet or other therapy.

Monitoring the sugar level keep informed about the different activity levels, amount of food needed in different timings. Remember just because you have to make few adjustments doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life. Although you have to make some compromises with your lifestyle and habits, but keeping it well managed can let you enjoy the benefits of a happy and healthier life. All you need to follow these simple measures to manage diabetes effectively at your workplace. With this, you can easily keep your blood sugar in check and lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Managing Diabetes at Work