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14-Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results


Diets for quick weight loss. There are many diets designed for the rapid effect of weight loss, but it is not always possible for a person to maintain the low weight achieved with such great difficulty. During the diet, the body adapts to a low-calorie program, and when the food ends, it takes considerable time to reverse the metabolism to stabilize the metabolic processes.

Almost all diets provide that a person eats less and less – only then the process of “losing weight” continues. As soon as the “thinner” starts eating again, as he is used to, the weight increases with lightning speed because the body tends to make up for its losses. It is proved that after the blitz-diets of people striving for harmony, they overcome a wolfish appetite, expressed in an overwhelming passion for fat and sweets. And the body with unprecedented speed begins to gain weight again.

At the same time, many diets are built on the monotony of food. They include either foods that are low in carbohydrates or foods that consist primarily of protein; Often, the menu consists of only one product. For example, if the body is forced to absorb too much protein, an excess of nitrogen-containing residues are formed, which are removed and filtered out of the body due to enhanced kidney activity. It is clear that on such a diet it is difficult to hold out for a long time, as the body suffers from a lack of vitamins, trace elements, and ballast substances. People who have kidney problems, they are generally contraindicated. But healthy people should also know that excess protein is never eliminated from the body, which leads to the risk of gout (deposition of uric acid in the joints).

The weaker the calories and the more monotonous one or another diet, the more fluid the body loses in the first few days, the more significant the weight loss seems. However, immediately after the completion of the diet, water begins to accumulate again. And it turns out that the weight that you slowed down, lost mainly due to the body’s proteins, its muscle mass, and body fat remains unchanged.

Some nutritional physiologists even offer “paradoxical” fat diets. They allow the use in food of any fat and protein without limiting the caloric content of food, but completely exclude carbohydrates from the menu. Nutrition-focused on fat-rich, but low-carbohydrate diets, can, of course, lead to temporary weight loss. This is because fatty and meat dishes quickly become tedious. Carbohydrate-free food causes the breakdown of glycogen storage in the body, as a result of which much water is lost. Therefore, weight loss with a fatty diet may be even more noticeable than with a low-fat diet, but this 70% decrease is due to the injury of water and 30% of its fat reserves.

Unilateral diets prevent the development of new, healthy eating habits and the achievement of the effect of weight loss for a long time. Blitz diets damage the human psyche. A further rapid weight gain is evaluated as a failure of its own. Such a person has depression, an inferiority complex, an adequate perception of food is lost. Such deviations may become chronic.

Therefore, doctors recommend long-term low-calorie mixed diets that allow you to rebuild the power system as a whole. Almost all such diets are based on multiple, multiple meals and creating a feeling of satiety at the expense of food, creating the necessary volume for the stomach. The sense of “volume” is achieved by filling the stomach with plenty of fluid. For this, you need to drink a lot (up to 2 liters per day).

However, for lovers of “quick results,” we offer several types of diets. But we advise you to remember that any food at best helps to eliminate the symptoms, but not the very causes of overweight. If these reasons are organic and mental nature, then such foods do not cure them.

  • Mixed “moderate” diet:
  • First breakfast: 2-3 apples or pears.
  • Second breakfast: 250 ml of milk, one slice of black bread.
  • Lunch: 250 g of lean meat with a side dish of vegetables (not more than 300g), one slice of black bread, fruit juice or sugarless kefir.
  • Safe, 200 g raw vegetables.
  • Dinner: 250 ml of kefir, one slice of black bread, 50 g of cheese or 1 hard-boiled egg, or 2 boiled potatoes.
  • Drinks: wild rose, kvass, pickled pickle vegetables.
  • Bunting Diet:
  • Breakfast: Unsweetened Coffee with Milk.
  • Lunch: 250 grams of meat, boiled or fried without fat on the grill; lemon, 40 grams of rye bread, a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.
  • Dinner: 200 grams of chicken, fried without fat; 40g rye bread, apple.

Potato diet. With this diet, the person feels full, although losing weight to 500 g per day. Since this diet does not contain vitamins, you need to take them in pills.

  • Breakfast: a glass of milk.
  • Lunch: 300g of mashed potatoes.
  • Dinner: potato salad (250g potatoes, 1 hard-boiled egg, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil, black pepper).
  • Brazilian diet (applied 14 days).

The first two days: three times a day, one hard-boiled egg, 1 cup of coffee and one apple.

Third day: in the morning – 2 eggs, for lunch – a piece of beef with spinach, in the evening – 2 eggs, a cup of coffee.

Fourth day: 1 egg in the morning, boiled fish and one tomato for lunch, two eggs in the evening, a cup of coffee.

The fifth day: in the morning – 1 egg, a cup of coffee; for lunch – 2 eggs, a tomato; in the evening – fish fried without fat on the grill, vegetables with vinegar.

The sixth day: in the morning – 1 egg, a cup of coffee; for lunch – a piece of beef, cucumber; in the evening – veal, fried without fat, a tomato, a cup of coffee.

Seventh-day: in the morning – 1 egg, a cup of coffee; for lunch – half chicken (fried without fat), vegetables; in the evening – the second half of the chicken, an apple, a cup of coffee.

All next week the diet is repeated. Those who do not like eggs, it is better to choose a different menu. For 14 days of the Brazilian food, you can lose up to 4-5 kg.

  • Kino died. This diet can be applied relatively long, as it contains everything you need.
  • Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee or tea, two slices of bread, two soft-boiled eggs, three tomatoes.
  • Lunch: 250 g of meat, fried without fat, salad, apple.
  • Lunch: a cup of coffee, two biscuits.
  • Dinner: like breakfast.

Jockey diet. Enhanced by sauna and massage. This diet is used in case of urgent need to lose weight. This diet cannot be sustained for a long time. For the fortification of the body meat and poultry should be watered with lemon juice, and also add a little green (spinach, parsley, cilantro, dill).

First day: one baked chicken, divided into pieces.

Second day: 300 g of veal, fried without fat, also divided into three parts.

Third day: from 3 to 5 cups of black coffee.

Milk diet. Every day, drink 1 liter of milk, every 2-3 hours a glass. This diet is very harsh, but you can withstand it, especially since it is not harmful to the body. The duration of the food is 5-7 days.

Motley diet. The diet is varied but slightly hungry. In the “meat” days you can drink up to 1.5 liters of unsweetened juice or mineral water, in the “vegetable” and “fruit” – it is better to drink strong tea or extracts of herbs and leaves (chamomile, mint, currant or raspberry leaf).

  • First day: 500 g of fresh vegetables.
  • Second day: 100 g of meat, fried without fat.
  • Third day: 6 hard-boiled eggs.
  • Fourth day: 400 g of boiled beef.
  • Fifth day: 400 g of boiled fish.
  • Sixth day: 1 kg of fresh fruit.
  • Seventh-day: 1 kg of fresh fruit.

Semi-liquid diet. This diet can sustain each. For six days, about 3 kg is lost, but, as with any food, losing weight is not enough for long, if you immediately return to your healthy diet.

  • First day: 1.5 liters of milk.
  • Second day: 2 cans of yogurt.
  • Third day: 6 steep eggs.
  • Fourth day: 400 g of boiled beef.
  • Fifth day: 600 g of vegetables (raw or cooked in a microwave).
  • Sixth day: 1.5 kg of fruit.

Fasting days. The principle of fasting days is as follows: reduce the caloric content of food to 800-1000 kcal per day. If you feel starving during the day, you can eat one egg and one apple. For a fasting day, the following diet is best suited:

In the morning: a cup of unsweetened coffee with milk.

Happy: half a jar of yogurt.

In the evening: half a jar of yogurt.

On days off from work, you can arrange yourself fruit, berry, and vegetable diets – at the rate of up to 1.5 kg of products per day, which are distributed evenly across five meals. The most beneficial apple and watermelon days (1.5-2 kg of watermelon pulp). Apples – the most affordable source of vitamins. For people with stomach problems, apples are especially useful, as they contain tannins with astringent effects, and apple pectic substances adsorb and remove various toxic compounds from the body.

Juicy low-calorie (100 g about 38 kcal) watermelon flesh well imitates saturation. It is also useful as a diuretic for edema of renal and cardiovascular origin. The alkaline compound contained in watermelons allows normalizing the acid-base balance when it shifts to the acidic side. Cellulose watermelon helps to eliminate toxic compounds and slags from the body.

Diet Institute of cosmetics. It is recommended for a long time, it has a good effect on metabolic processes, cleanses the body, improves skin condition.

  • Breakfast: a cup of black coffee, 50 grams of bread, 50 grams of cheese.
  • The second breakfast: 1 apple.
  • Lunch: 100 grams of meat, boiled or fried without fat.
  • Tea time: 1 apple.

Dinner: 100 grams of meat, two potatoes, a cup of coffee. You can add a glass of milk and another 50 g of bread. All this will be 1300-1500 kcal. Weight loss is slow but sure.