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Is Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox E-Book a Scam?

Introduction about Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox

Not only does everyone want to be as fit as fiddle, they also want to look appealing. And excess weight, cellulite and flab are always going to come in the way of becoming fit and attractive. People are known to go to extremes to bring about weight loss. While some succeed, others do not. And those who do succeed, achieve it after considerable effort and sacrifice. Those who do not, get back to their unhealthy self, resigned to a fate of shapeless appearance.

Liz Swann Miller, an author and acclaimed naturopath has put together a tea recipe that claims wash away pounds of weight with tea.  Sounds too good to be true? Well, most people would consider the claim a little over the top, because of the number of such claims that float around. However, Liz claims that this is a lot different. Because, in her words, this is like taking a trip back to the past, or into the jungles of Africa to benefit from the astounding powers of African Tea. So let’s take a look and see if this hyperbole or true.


Lets first take a look at the author and her credentials. This is a pretty useful and practical way of looking into a claim. Liz Swann Miller, is famous and she has a reputation as a naturopath. Now that is a huge plus to the claims. After all, you really would not want to put your money on a book penned by an author who does not have a reputation. With 19000 twitter followers, you can be sure that she knows her business.  Her book is the result of research and her extensive knowledge about the subject and the actual effects of the red tea. So, it’s time to put this apprehension behind and move ahead with the review, because Liz Swann is an expert in this field and knows what she is referring to in her book.

What exactly are the benefits from red tea detox?

Among the man benefits touted to benefit a reader of her book, some are standout benefits that will be of great appeal to people who are desperately looking for ways and means to reduce their weight and get healthy without having to work out for insane stretches of time or getting into ridiculous diets that can end up with other complications.  Some of the many great benefits of red tea detox are :

  • One of the best techniques to go about losing weight in the most easy and fastest manner.
  • There are absolutely no limitations or pre-requisites about category of users. Every single person who has a need to reduce weight or get back in shape can rely on this technique. It does not have any separate requirements such as gender or age or conditions of health.
  • The differences can be witnessed in a very short span of time. Unlike other products or references, which take months to see results, readers can actually see significant changes in their weight and health and shape in a period as short as a fortnight.
  • The feeling of having achieved weight loss and getting back into good health will be absolute and complete. And this feeling will begin from the time the first extra pounds are shed.
  • This program will help readers get over apprehensions of failure, and readers need not try out diets that are downright difficult or impossible to sustain after a particular period of time.
  • It reveals facts in the most simplistic manner. More often than not, many people remain unaware of the smaller things in life that can make the biggest difference. As a result, they end looking for big things to make big changes. This shows that small things can bring about bigger changes in the most simplistic manner.
  • The book outlines and helps readers to flush out excess fat from the body in the shortest possible time and in the easiest and hassle-free way.

How this book would find takers among people who have tried out other options and failed? 

For the large number of people who may have tried and failed with other options, this may also appear as something that is not taken at face value. However, the reason for this book to find takers among readers are many. Some of the reasons are profiled below :

  • This book helps readers to fully understand how ancient red tea has the power to bring about incredible effects in the human body in a short span of time of a fortnight.  Therefore, the reader does not actually have to wait for a long period to experience effects.
  • The book helps readers to expel fat quickly, and stimulate metabolism. This combination of lost fat and healthy metabolism are all that is required to bring about a radical loss in weight and a quick turnaround to a healthy body.
  • The book showcases how ingredients that form part of the tea in the detox program are a combination that will blend in a manner so as to quickly and effectively bring about a detox effect in the body in a short period of time, as less as a few hours. The ability to rid the body of fat will surely find a large number of takers of this book.  Readers can realize their dreams of being fully fit and can flaunt their bodies with great confidence.
  • A large number of people who try out dieting to cut down on weight or burn fat, often end up putting additional weight because of a condition. Known as rebound weight gain, this is caused as a result of skipping meals and going on a program of starvation, which will sometimes end up with increase in weight.
  • One of the biggest benefits of the book, is the ability that a reader will possess to get over the pangs of hunger and craving for food that arises at quick intervals. This craving for food is entirely responsible for binge eating and putting on weight faster than it can be reduced.

What exactly does the book say about red tea detox and the way it works?

Red Tea Detox carries out a detox of the body forcing fat cells to actually open and release fat that is considered as stubborn. This shrinks fat cells and helps in the reduction of fat. One of the biggest benefits, is that this triggers the body to activate the bodies’ natural ability to burn out fat. This is an inbuilt immunity which many individuals do not use for a long time and in some cases many never be used in a lifetime. This is some kind of a fat cleansing action of the red tea that forcesthe human body to expel fat after stimulating fat-burning hormones. This dual action of getting the fat cells to shrink in size and getting the metabolism to fire works with incredible results. This means that reader can get to see actual results in a fortnight. And the best part of the program is that the process of reducing weight and burning fat is all a natural process from the body itself and not some kind of chemical action from the outside that will have harmful after effects. Red tea detox unlocks the power of the human body to bring about fat reduction and weight loss. The body’s natural fat burning system is put into full use to transform it into a mean calorie burning machine that offers spectacular results. The program is simple to follow and is based on proven scientific principles and references. There is scientific research to show the effects of fat shrinking cells and activity. The program is the result of new discoveries about fat burning and its relation to stress levels and various other factors such as hormone levels and nutrition intake in the body.

Red tea detox program brings about a condition where the body sheds fat easily and naturally. And this is achieved without pangs of hunger, and also by maintaining energy levels all through the day, making life a lot more enjoyable. The program offes a simple to follow recipe and drinking the delicious red tea many times brings about quick weight loss. African red tea is easy to brew, and will curb hunger.

The secret behind the success of African red tea detox?

There is a real secret behind the success of the red tea detox program. And it is not some kind of mumbo jumbo, but pure science that is practiced from ancient times in the jungles of Africa. It is an ultimate detoxification program that offers spectacular weight-loss results. The red tea recipe is actually the product of the remote African wilderness, among tribes of Kenya.  Also popularly known as the African Shaman, the red tea is extremely powerful that the person who actually consumes the tea will feel overpowering strength, energized, revitalized and will not be prone to pangs of hunger or thirst.  The effects of the tea ismagical in the body makingindividuals feel fully satisfied and instantly energised.  There are absolutely no side effects to the detox program and is safe. It is efficient and pretty straightforward, assisting in detoxing the body and helping in shedding pounds of weight easily. This recipe of this secret red tea has been recorded to be responsible for shedding 14 lbsof weight in one fortnight.  The revolutionary fat loss recipe is provenand can be used with great efficiency to rid the body of fat in a natural process.

Cons of the book 

While the effects are proven and will certainly help to bring about weight loss, it is important to understand the cons of the book. The one biggest aspect of the book that needs special mention when it comes to looking at the flip side is the fact that this is a health related product. So, while it is labeled as extremely safe, and free from side effects and with proven result, it is actually important to check the same with the physician before using it. Because a product that deals with the metabolism of the human body, requires supervision or medical advice. It does not really matter if the effects are natural and from within the body. It is triggered by the consumption of a beverage. Hence, it is always best to consult a doctor and find out if there are contraindications. Quite similar to some medications that should not be taken if other medications are being used, or if a particular condition is diagnosed, here also it will make a lot of sense to take check if this will work well with other prescription medications or if it will trigger allergies.

Reviews from Real Users

The feedback from users have actually very positive. With a large number of followers on social media , the author is gaining in popularity and is finding greater acceptance among readers and users of her product. If it had been an inferior product, there would have been considerable backlash from the public. As the reviews of the book and the interactions of the author with the users of the book are in public domain this offers a great deal of transparency to the book and the user reviews. It is positive, with only a small percentage of users showing lesser effects. The efficacy is not contested, but the extent of results is what differs in some users.

The final word 

This is a great book to have. And it comes with a few offers. The best part about the offers is the money back guarantee. Users who are not satisfied with the product can claim a refund and this offers great assurance to the user. The reputation of the author, the natural process of the product, and the quick results contribute to making this product an effective one.  This is certainly a good risk free option.

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