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Is a Home Gym a Good Idea?

I have come to realize that no one can achieve their fitness objectives if they are not working out in the right environment. When it comes to the gym, you have a choice of a home gym or a public gym. While both have pros and cons, I want to share my experience of using a home gym. By the end of this article, I hope you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether to start a home gym.

Advantages of Home Gym

home Gym

Convenience and Flexibility

If I am at home and need to work out, the gym will literally be a few steps away. This means that I don’t have to drive to the gym, or spend a lot of time waiting for other people to finish their routines. It also means that I don’t waste a lot of time, and can accomplish more with less time compared to a public gym. Another plus is that I can make my own schedule, without being limited by the gym’s opening hours.

More Conducive Environment

Although people are different, I believe many people, just like me, prefer a more private environment while exercising. Working out can get pretty intense, and I prefer when there are no strangers watching me sweat and grunt as I burn those calories. In my home gym, I have the whole space to myself to push myself to the limit without any prying eyes.

My Own Rules

We know that public gyms can get very restrictive with their rules. They have strict opening hours, play their preferred music and even forbid some activities such as dead-lifting. At the comfort of my own home, such rules are not a problem. I will work out when I want, do any exercises I prefer and even play my most inspiring songs. I have found this to be a great factor in keeping me motivated and working towards my goals.

Less Distractions

There are way too many distractions in a public gym. Sometimes you are chatting with someone you know, other times you are checking out all the hot and fit people and in some cases you are watching someone struggle with certain equipment. All these distractions and we haven’t even talked about those annoying people who you wish you can smack. At home, I don’t have to deal with such characters and distractions, which makes the workout more fulfilling and effective.

Economical in the Long Run

If you plan to continue working on your fitness for years to come, a home gym will be more economical. In my case, the money I would have used to pay for one year’s gym membership was enough to adequately stock my home gym. This means that I have actually spent less improving my home gym than I would have, had I been paying the gym membership fees.

Disadvantages of a Home Gym

High Startup Cost

As I have already explained, a home gym will become worth it in the long run. At the beginning, I had to cough up a lot of money just to get the basic equipment. I have continued to get more equipment with time, although every time I buy one I do feel the pinch. You might also incur some significant expenses while trying to convert a normal room into a gym.

Inadequate Equipment

You might have a different experience but as for me, I had to contend with basic equipment in my home gym for a long time. This was obviously due to the cost, although the small space in my home also had something to do with it. This means that I could not achieve all my fitness goals despite my commitment and zeal. For example, a punching bag proved to be too expensive for me, even though it is one of my favorite exercise equipment.

Issues with Safety

You have probably seen those videos of freak accidents happening at the gym. Sometimes even when you use equipment the right way, your body might let you down and lead to an accident. Despite my best efforts, I have also had some close shaves in my home gym, but am glad there was nothing too serious. I would advise anyone with a home gym to work out with a partner whenever possible, and also let someone know when you are in the gym.