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Important Things to Bring With You Before Going to Rehab

Undergoing treatment in a treatment center or rehab can be daunting to some people. Some rehab centers may be in a rural area far from the environment they are familiar with or have very strict protocols. Others may find it hard to think about the length of time they have to stay in rehab, especially if their condition is severe. 

But, there are ways to alleviate these concerns, especially if you know how to make a smooth transition. One great tip we can recommend is by planning what you will bring in rehab. Although every rehab has a list of things you can bring with you, here are essential things you may want to bring with you before you go to rehab for your treatment: 


  • Music player

Music can be a balm your soul may need during your treatment, especially if you are missing your loved ones. Music can help you relax, focus and even give you the energy to face the next day. However, current music players with cameras and internet connectivity are not permitted in rehab because of cases where they were used to commit crime while inside rehab centers. 

Fortunately, you can bring old school music players which do not have additional features along with you. Make sure to bring ones that can be recharged so you won’t have to worry about batteries during your treatment. 

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes

During treatment, you will be tasked to do several activities that will help you stay fit and healthy during your stay. It could be regular work-outs, team-building exercises and even basic stretches. You will need comfortable clothing so you can do the tasks without any distraction. Pack your favorite sweatpants, shirts and underwear with you, as well as your preferred gym clothing.  

Make sure to pack enough clothes throughout your treatment and consider the type of weather you will be in during the treatment. For example, if your rehab center is located in high altitudes or you will get admitted during winter time, bring a coat or jacket with you. 

As far as shoes are concerned, pick comfortable sneakers so you won’t have problems walking around the facility and doing your routines. 

  • Toiletries

Toiletries and your daily beauty products is a must if you are going to rehab to keep yourself clean and presentable. Bring as much supply as you can that can last you for 30 days because you can’t purchase these toiletries from the center. 

Buy toiletries and beauty products without alcohol content. There were cases in the past when patients undergoing alcohol detox drank their toiletries to drink alcohol. 

  • Contact book

When you are getting admitted to a rehab, you won’t be allowed to bring any communication devices with you. As a result, you won’t be able to contact your loved ones using your phone and you have to use the rehab’s phone if you wish to speak to them. 

Bring a contact book or a list of contact details of your loved ones and other important contacts. Place this book or list in a safe place when not in use. 

  • Journal

Even if you are in rehab, your alone time is important and it is reflected in your treatment schedule. During this time, you may end up reflecting about your time in the center or the things that you want to talk about but not confident enough to say it out loud. Having a journal with you during these times can help you reflect better and even use it as a reminder once you are out of treatment. 

  • Slippers/Sandals

Sometimes, it can be bad to always use shoes when you are going out especially if you are resting from your daily activities. Bring your favorite slippers or sandals with you for this time.  You may also want to be in your slippers or sandals when you are undergoing your checkup or spend some time with your peers outside your rooms. 

  • Bathing suit

While you are in rehab, you won’t be asked to stay in your designated quarters when you are not in treatment. You will also be allowed to go out of the center and do other activities. Some rehab centers may treat you to a trip in a waterpark or a beach. Others, such as Calm Rehab, may even have recreational facilities such as pool areas for their patients to use as part of their treatment. 

Getting ordered or requested to go to rehab should not be seen as a death sentence, especially if you will go to a far treatment center for your treatment. This treatment is for your health and welfare and once you leave these centers, you will feel better than ever. Take the opportunity to heal and know more about yourself during your treatment so you can show the world you can change for the better.