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A kitchen garden is a fantastic DIY to keep yourself busy and get your creative juices flowing during your free time. There are limitless possibilities of things you can do with a kitchen garden to add the landscaping designs of your home.

They don’t require a heavy capital investment to set up but will save you some good money on your grocery bills if you plant an assortment of vegetables on it. Even without the economic aspect of it, gardening makes for a great hobby to pickup to relax yourself.

Use the tips below to grow a kitchen garden in your backyard.


Planning will save you the heartache of disappoint and losing your time and investment in an unproductive venture.


Before you get started, make a decision on the size of the garden you want and the types of crops you want to plant on it. Do some research on the various garden design and the soil types found in your region and the kinds of plants that are best for your environment.

Planning your kitchen garden will help you get the suitable designs and plants and protect you from incurring losses arising from trial and error. You will also know the amount of time and effort you need to invest in your garden so you don’t get overwhelmed with work and family commitments already saddling you.

Involve your family

Save the cost of outsourcing for garden services by getting your family involved in the garden planning and implementation. Gardening is also a great family activity.

Take some time over the weekends to do some gardening together and reduce the workload on yourself.

Enrich the soil

For the best yields, improve the nutrient content of your soil by adding compost and mulching to regulate soil temperatures as well as help in controlling weeds in your garden.

As you continually till, plant and harvest from your garden, the nutrient content keep on getting depleted and you may have to add fertilizers or rotate crops to rejuvenate the soil fertility.

If you choose to grow root crops like potatoes, onions and carrots, you should use a raised bed in your garden to give the roots more room for expansion. This will result in you getting bigger produce during your harvests.

Actually, if you can, make a raised bed for all the plants in your kitchen garden since it improves the drainage and allows for better air circulation.

Garden tools

There is only so much you can do by hand. Get suitable tools for your gardening work from the local department store.

You’ll need a shovel and an Atv Snow Plow to move soil from one point to another and remove snow in the winter respectively. A hoe will also come in handy when you need to weed and a pair of gloves to protect your hands from getting calloused.

Depending on the size of your kitchen garden, a wheelbarrow and a water hose may also be needed.