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How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Forever

Keratin Straightening Curly Hair And Other Means For Wavy Hair

It is not surprising that the secret dream of all girls with curly hair is to get rid of naughty fluffiness, and the main question that torments them is how to straighten curly hair without spoiling their structure for a long time.

That’s what the article will be about today. Consider several ways to make your hair smooth and straight, and also find out whether you can get rid of curls forever.

How To Straighten Curly Hair Forever? Is It Real?

In a recent article, “Why is curly hair?”  I told about the nature of curly hair, why some people are born with curly hair and others with absolutely straight hair. If you read carefully, you realized that specific genes are to blame for the curliness of your hair, that is, the structure of the hair is embedded in your genome, and your hair immediately starts to grow wavy, and do not become so in the process of growth.

Therefore, questions like “How to straighten curly hair forever?” Seem to me the most ridiculous, because no one can interfere with the human genotype and change it. Hair can suddenly stop curling due to specific pathological changes in the structure of the hair follicle, but this will already be a pathology, i.e., a bell that something is wrong with the body.

But you do not worry, today in the industry of hairdressing many techniques allow you to remove curls for a long time, but over time, as hair regrowth, they will return. Read about these methods below, but for now, I want to tell you how to straighten wavy hair at home, without chemical exposure.

How To Remove Wavy Hair At Home?

Most often, to straighten hair at home, curling and ironing of various models are used. These electrical devices allow for a reasonably short time to cope with unruly curls. However, acting on the principle of ordinary iron, they often change the structure of the human hair on the head, dry out and contribute to the appearance of fragility.

Therefore, their use must necessarily be accompanied by the use of special thermal protective sprays or lotions that neutralize the adverse effects of contacting the strands with heated surfaces of the electric rectifier.

If you have to smooth curly hair in this way quite often, there is a reason not to be stingy and choose a good and high-quality iron. In the expensive models, there are functions for temperature control and steam treatment, laser-ion hair protection system.

Such a device, although costly, will allow saving money on the purchase of thermal protective agents and will protect the health of hair. Also, high-quality forceps and irons have a ceramic-tourmaline coating, which, unlike the metal surface does not spoil the nose, even with frequent use. It is these electrical rectifiers that professionals use in their work.

This Is Important To Know!

To become a happy owner of healthy and docile hair “curly girls” should carefully choose caring products. Gels styling and styling mousses are best purchased with a smoothing effect. Preference to give those funds, which include keratin. This treatment strengthens the hair, facilitates styling, makes it more durable, removes fluffiness and turns hair into soft, smooth strands.

Means for washing hair, masks, serums and other resuscitators for curly hair should be chosen with plant extracts, coconut or argon oil, creaminess. Such factors make the hair more cumbersome, which makes it easier to straighten, and also restores the hair structure damaged by the thermal effect, making the capricious strands beautiful and smooth.

Means For Straightening Curly Hair

As they say, “In war, all means are good,” but do not forget that we are not at war with our hair, but are looking for a compromise. We are like no one interested in the health and beauty of our hair, so you need to consider whether to use this or that tool carefully.

And if you pre-apply special smoothing agents on your hair, then the process of styling and smoothing can be reduced many times. I will not list numerous brands now, because any self-respecting company has a product line created specifically for curly hair. Look for tools that are aimed at straightening, rather than maintaining the wavy curls.

When straightening hair with a brush and a hairdryer, you can use simple tips that will help smooth out curls and achieve spectacular smooth strands. For example, before straightening, you can slightly moisten your hair with dark or light beer (depending on the actual shade of hair) or sweet tea.

And then proceed to the stretching of strands under a stream of hot air. However, it is worth remembering that the wetting of hair with beer has one nuance: a specific persistent smell. Therefore, this method is, to put it mildly, an amateur.

How To Remove Curls At A Time Using Gelatin?

A worthy and inexpensive alternative to salon straightening is homemade gelatin lamination of hair, for which you only need to spend money on regular food gelatin. To prepare the tool you need to dissolve 3-4 tablespoons of gelling powder in 250 g of hot water and cold.

The resulting solution should be mixed with any serum or nourishing hair balm in equal proportions. Apply the mixture over the entire length to clean wet hair and leave it for an hour, wrapping it tightly with plastic wrap and wrapping it with a towel.

This method is useful not only for its simplicity and budget but also for the overall result. Thanks to the collagen which is a part of gelatin, hair becomes stronger, gain glossy gloss and become more flexible.

 How to get ride the curly hair for a long time? Salon procedures

  • The excellent and long-lasting effect gives salon straightening curly hair. Depending on the degree of natural curliness master offers the best way. It may be:
  • Chemical smoothing
  • Thermal straightening
  • Keratin or Brazilian straightening
  • Bio-smoothing

A big plus salon straightening – in the longevity of the result. Having spent an hour and a half of the procedure, you can temporarily forget about early ascents and time-consuming morning styling. The disadvantages that are typical for each method are the high cost of the system and the need to carry it out regularly.

And also, the risk to get to the master with little practical experience and, accordingly, a high probability of “burning out” the hair or an allergic reaction. I will tell about each method of professional straightening in my next article, so subscribe to updates and do not miss.

Why Does The Hair Curl After Keratin Straightening?

Sometimes, after an expensive procedure, keratin hair straightening begins to curl before the stated time. What could be the reason? First of all, the reason may lie in the failure to comply with the following rules:

  • After the procedure, you cannot wash or wet hair for three days
  • You cannot go to the bath and sauna too
  • Do not walk in the rain and do not comb with a fine comb
  • Look so you don’t sweat your head
  • If you strictly follow these rules, but after the first wash your hair, your hair started to curl anyway, then the reason may be as follows:
  • If only the tips curl, it means they were burned or burned. You need to cut the ends and repeat the procedure.

If they curl along the entire length, this means that you have a unique hair structure and one procedure is not enough for you, and sometimes the hair is entirely insensitive to the system.