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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Find the Right Healthy Lifestyle for You

The one-size fits all mantra doesn’t work for clothes,and it doesn’t work for reality. Even your health or diet will vary drastically from one person to the next because our bodies are complicated. We are at our cores very similar, but not adjusting for the slight differences in our psychology and physiology can be our downfall. Some of us have a natural iron deficiency, for example, or our bodies don’t produce enough insulin.

More severe differences are likely to come with a variety of healthcare treatments, but not every difference is accounted for unless you actively do something about it. There are so many ways you can improve your health by actively seeking out what is holding you back specifically. Don’t blindly follow a fitness expert, and instead, listen to the only person who matters – you.

Healthy Lifestyle for You

Everyone’s Body is Different

Everyone’s body is slightly different. If it weren’t, then evolution would never occur! Of course, today, things are vastly different than they were even a hundred years ago. Miracles of modern medicine mean that many diseases and other congenital disabilities can be managed. It is done both through treatment and prevention. Complicated allergies are now known and can be tested for, whereas lifelong diseases can be minimized through prescriptions and other therapies like surgeries. We are not helpless to the variations in our bodies, but we do need to listen to what they are telling us so that we can make the right alterations to our lifestyle, diet, and healthcare.

How to Find the Right Healthy Lifestyle for You

Finding the right lifestyle means listening and understanding your body and its needs. This can range from getting tests done to finding the right equipment:

1.      If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Find One that Does

Our bodies are all unique, but it is up to us to understand what makes our bodies different than the average and to make the appropriate changes as we need. Some people have wide feet, for example, and while this means you cannot just shop at any shoe store, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for comfortable and stylish footwear.

In some cases, what you need will directly depend on your lifestyle. Those with contact lenses that work long hours in front of a digital screen will need different contact lenses than those who work in a situational setting, like a classroom. The only change you need, then, is to visit a company like Bausch + Lomb to choose the contact lens type that suits your needs and budget. You can absolutely be more comfortable in your choice of eye-wear; you just need to take your lifestyle into account beforehand.

2.      How to Improve Your Diet

To improve your diet, you will first need to know what your body is lacking. While, of course, cutting back on some foods, like those high in salt, sugar, or saturated fats is a good idea for everyone(with exception to diabetics when their sugar levels are low, and even then, it will never be excessive) the more nuanced changes will have to depend on your body’s needs. You can get tested today by your doctor to determine what your body is missing. An iron deficiency, for example, can result in extreme and perpetual fatigue that coffee or healthy living cannot fix.

It is important to note that this malnutrition can naturally occur just because you don’t put enough care into your meals. If you don’t want to go to a doctor immediately, then try to improve your nutrient intake instead.

3.      Sleep Cycle Options

Even your sleep cycle can be different, depending on your body’s needs and your lifestyle. For example, it is a fallacy that you need to get eight hours of sleep in a row. You can instead sleep in different cycles, from several four-hour sleeps to even smaller increments, and therefore be more productive throughout the day. These alternative sleep cycles aren’t great for everyone, but for those who have struggled with the traditional sleep methods in the past might find a new lease of life with these.

4.      Finding the Right Fitness Regimen

Fitness is similarly crucial for everyone, but it matters less how you work out than it does the fact that you do work out. With this in mind, work on finding the exercise that you love to do and will continue to do again and again happily. This is how you will stay fit and healthy for longer, not by pushing yourself at the gym.

It’s time to rid ourselves of the assumption that the most common strategy will work for everyone. Bodies are unique in subtle and significant ways from one another, and it is only when we stop listening to outside advice and start listening to our own needs that we can then begin to build up a custom health strategy that actually works.