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Witch Hazel For Dark Circles

The Case Is Dark: How To Get Rid Of Circles Under The Eyes.

There is only one remedy for dark circles under the eyes, an eight – hour sleep. If there is no time, and the desire to look rested is to eat, you will have to try. ELLE – how to treat, and not to mask circles under the gas.

The thinnest and most vulnerable skin on the face is around the eyes. The most common and intractable problem is dark circles under them. Regular face cream will provide hydration, but will not cope with the “panda effect.” All the ingredients necessary for the skin of the eyelids can be found only as part of creams (and now also serums, masks, patches) addressed specifically to this area. We understand where the dark circles come from and how to get rid of them.


The appearance of dark circles largely depends on the way of life. Sit in the office until late, avidly watch TV shows, eat wrong – hello, panda. Lack of sleep leads to the fact that the body begins to produce more hormone cortisol, which can destroy collagen. On the one hand, it provides the necessary energy, on the other hand, it nourishes the blood vessels, which makes them more pronounced in the eye area.

Genetic Predisposition (Heredity)

Dark circles can be inherited. Perhaps you were just born with closely spaced vessels or hyperpigmentation. In this case, care should solve two problems: clarify what nature gave, and not aggravate this reality.

Thin Skin

The skin under the eyes is fragile, so often blood vessels appear through it. The result is circles of blue, lilac or blue. How to remove dark circles under the eyes in this case? They will help beauty products with retinoid or peptides (stimulate collagen production) and caffeine or green tea (strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation). The skin becomes more dense and elastic; the ships are not so noticeable.


If you have brown circles, it is most likely a matter of excessive pigmentation. This genetic predisposition may be exacerbated by the sun. In this case, the emphasis in the care should be made on a brightening agent (vitamin C, comic acid, licorice extract) and a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Dark Circles


For many, darkness under the eyes is caused by an allergic reaction. Antihistamines that the doctor must prescribe will help.

Lack Of  Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid helps produce collagen – a protein responsible for skin elasticity, density, and elasticity. In addition to creams, add foods rich in vitamin C to the menu. We eat sweet peppers, black currants, sea buckthorn, and kiwi.



Iron deficiency is another reason for which dark circles can appear under the eyes. Especially often occurs when an unbalanced vegetarian diet. “Herbivore” fill the iron deficiency will help legumes, spinach, raisins, and apricots. The rest lean on red meat and seafood.


Like most skin problems, the problem of under eye circles is exacerbated as it gets older. With age and without that thin skin becomes even smaller, losing fat and collagen. All this makes dark circles more visible.

And Also

Another effective remedy against dark circles is cooling the area under the eyes. The cold will constrict the blood vessels, the effect will not last long, but just enough for one date. As a cold compress, you can use gels or patches (keep them in the refrigerator), cold spoons – and yes, cucumber circles familiar from childhood. Keep them at least 15 minutes.



For the cream to have the desired effect, it takes time. When it is not, rescue concealer. He works wonders, especially if in addition to pigments are included in caring components. The shade should be yellowish, with reflective particles and slightly lighter than the tonal framework.