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Glo Takes a New Approach to Online Yoga

Who is Glo?

Glo is a fitness organization that is dedicated to delivering a holistic and immersive fitness experience. Many of the exercises center around yoga, Pilates, and mediation. The organization embodies many of the principles taught in yoga and meditation like self-awareness and mental endurance.

yoga for fitness

Glo has a lot more to offer than the standard fitness organization. Instructors from around the world work with Glo to deliver unique perspectives and ideas. Members can expect to learn about balance and inner peace.

There is a mix of fitness and theoretical courses. Members can enroll in a theoretical course to learn more about the techniques and methodology behind yoga and meditation. Members can also apply the knowledge from class to other areas of their lives.

The benefits of Glo extend beyond the classroom. Members are impacted by Glo in nearly every aspect of their life. Yoga is a lifestyle and it does not end with the workout.

Every aspect of life changes for the better. Yoga focuses on the mind to help achieve solace. Once the mind is relaxed, every situation becomes much more manageable.

Stress and anxiety are often the results of a restless mind. Everybody can benefit from online yoga. However, online yoga is especially useful for members that endure chronic stress.

There is no secret formula when it comes to yoga. Many of the techniques discussed in the course are derived from centuries of practice. Every technique in yoga serves a different purpose.

Another goal of the fitness organization is to help members become more acquainted with yoga and the lifestyle it entails. The fitness organization welcomes members from all backgrounds.

To help members transition to the platform, Glo offers an online community that allows members to share their experiences. The online community can be accessed at any time.

What are the benefits of yoga?

The main benefits of yoga come from mind. A strong mind can drastically improve the quality of life. Yoga challenges our worldview through self-reflection and mindfulness.

A shift in perspective can change how we handle certain events. Life becomes less stressful through a more peaceful lens. A strong mentality can also help us cope with stressful events much better. Yoga challenges the mind as much as it challenges the body.

Yoga can improve the quality of sleep. A healthy body is more in tune with its circadian rhythm. The body produces a neurotransmitter known as melatonin when it prepares for sleep. Melatonin production increases with increased exercise.

Yoga can improve the immune system. When the body is physically strong, the immune system can fight off bacteria and harmful diseases more effectively.

Posture increases over time with yoga. Many of the exercises in yoga target the core muscles. A strong posture can lead to increased confidence.

There is some evidence that suggests that yoga can increase cognitive abilities. Studies show that repeated yoga activities can increase grey matter over time. It is a good idea to perform yoga in the morning or before an important assignment to give the brain a mental boost.

What to know about online yoga.

Although online yoga presents a good deal of convenience, there is a greater level of responsibility. Members must be committed. It is best to perform the exercises in a space that minimizes distractions.

Members should be fully engaged with each exercise. It may help to invite a friend or family member for accountability. A journal or planner should be used to keep track of goals and milestones. If practiced daily, then yoga can bring a new sense of peace to an otherwise hectic life.