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Fatty Liver Fix Program Review – Does it work or it is another Scam?

If you have more or less given up on your attempts to fight the battle of the bulge, after trying everything, then it probably is time to look for the reason behind it. If you also have certain persistent illnesses, then it really is time to look inside. Have you ever heard of Fatty Liver disease? Apparently this disease is to blame for many common conditions, atleast that is what this program claims, offering solutions for the same. Now, is it for real? Is it true or just a collection of claims? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The program in a nutshell

Fatty Liver Fix is basically a guide, or a program with practical methods that claim to restore liver health without giving up on preferred diets. Health Hacks Publishing, the publisher of this guide claims that this does not act like a cleanser or detox solution. The guide is more of a systematic process to fix a fatty liver, or atleast that is what the book claims to be, pitching itself as different from the books that offer to reduce weight and improve health. Now what actually caught our attention was the fact that the guide quotes extensively from the respected Journal of Cell Science with authority to back its claims. In a nutshell, it claims to improve the health of your liver while enhancing cognitive abilities through greater antioxidant presence. Now that is a recipe for helping individuals to be in a more happy frame of mind. The single biggest problem faced by individuals who consume alcohol either in moderation or excessively is the hangovers on the morning after.

What is the big fuss about this guide? Is this the only way to get a fix?

The Fatty Liver Fix guide apparently shares simple and easy to follow techniquesthat help users to drastically reduce the excessive load on the liver. This apparently is the root of the problem for the symptoms mentioned above. It acts by disposing off the internal waste, releasing glucagon in the body. This glucagon is actually a fat burning hormone. The guide showcases a method by which users can get rid of hangovers easily. The book goes on to make claims that after completion of the program, a user will experience the benefits of a healthy liver throughout his or her life. Now, that is something which appears as a marketing claim. However, what is of substance is the fact that a significant portion of the claims are actually backed by research published and accepted by health organizations of repute, globally.

For instance if your brain is foggy most of the time, if you feel drained of energy, and somewhat weak all the time, then there is a reason behind all of this which you have been largely ignoring. The main reason is the fact that the symptoms are somewhat similar to other common symptoms that are attributed to a whole host of other reasons. As per the steps and techniques mentioned, users will get to see and experience results in a few days after commencing the program. This could be true, considering the scientific basis. And the guide goes onto claim that users can fully cleanse their livers in a period of less than 10 days. Now, we are compelled to take this with a pinch of salt. Because, while the results may have been seen in some or many cases as claimed by the publishers, it certainly may not hold true for everyone. Results are bound to differ from case to case, and by all means, a complete cleansing is certainly a tough claim. However, what cannot be denied is the fact that cleansing is possible. To a very great extent, and in a very significant manner, it may be possible to cleanse the liver as mentioned by the authors of the program. The only dissent here is the duration within which it is claimed to conclude. The positive aspect of this action is that individuals who may have messed up their liver by drinking and smoking for a very long period, can actually see good results and get their livers cleaned. The book claims that such cases of individuals addicted to heavy intoxicants may need to undergo the program for 30 days to see tangible results. Here, there is a little catch. Not for all, but for the smokers and compulsive drinkers. They need to give up their tobacco and drinks for a certain period to see results. What is interesting is the appearance part. The book claims that users will get to look healthier and younger with a radiant skin. This is fully supported medically and we do agree with this claim. A good liver reflects externally with great skin tone and a healthy glow.

Is there any scientific basis for the claims in the book?

Well, the good news is that there is strong scientific basis to the claims. Typical treatment for fatty liver disease, regardless of the reasons – such as arising out of alcohol consumption or other reasons, is attaining healthy weight by proper diet and a routine that includes proper exercise. When it comes to diets, foods that combat cell damage are good for the body, which can reverse the condition. Cells rely on glucose, which gives out energy, by virtue of being one kind of sugar. Individuals with fatty liver problems are typically found to be resistant to insulin, and despite the fact that insulin is made in their bodies, it actually does not serve its purpose. Consequently, glucose level in the blood builds up, and extra sugar is turned into fat by the liver. So, the bottom line is that you need to consume foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fishand fish oil, various vegetable oils, walnuts, leafy vegetables and flaxseeds (either the seeds or oil). Individuals with this problem need to stay away from saturated fats, consuming lesser meat products and dairy produce. What needs to be fully avoided are the baked and fried foods that are prepared with palm or coconut oils, which result in the deposit of more fatty content.

This is just a small compilation of the extensive medical and scientific information regarding fatty liver. So, we are firm in our assessment that there is merit in the claims regarding the effects of the program. Although the extent and intensity of results are something that is not fully supported, we have reason to firmly believe the scientific basis for the claims. And the supporting evidence is actually incontrovertible, which gives legitimacy to the claims.


Take a look at the Pros of the program

You need not starve yourself or deprive yourself of good food. Therefore, you will not feel apprehensive about having to forego what you enjoy. You can lead a perfectly normal routine. The program is all about following a set of simple instructions to get your liver back on its feet.

You need not burn a hole in your pocket when you go for this program. This is perhaps the best part. There are other options existing in the market, but none at this price, and for the value that it offers. It is certainly one of the most affordable ones, and by itself, this very quality makes it endearing.

Now, who would not want to look good, from the inside. Skin being the biggest organ of the body and that part which is first seen determines to a great extent how you actually look. By virtue of getting the liver back in shape you can be sure that your skin is going to look wonderful and glowing. Imagine meeting your friends after a month and you look glamorous and youthful. Now, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

This is the sweetest part of the deal. After you have taken the program, if for any reason, you find that it is not working for you or if you are not fully satisfied with the contents or the results, you can get you money back. The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee, which means that your money is absolutely safe.

Rest your apprehensions about side effects from the program. There are none. You will not have to suffer from any ill effects as a result of the steps that you follow in the program. This is something that sets it apart from all other programs that demand dieting etc. Eating healthy and suddenly going on a crash diet is certainly not a very healthy thing to do, and this program avoids such drastic solutions.

Take a look at some of the Cons of the program

Results will be seen over time. Not in the way as claimed, but certainly close to what has been offered. So, if you are looking for something that will work overnight or get rid of all your problems, then you need to look elsewhere.

The contents are structured in a manner that could befuddle an average person. It needs to be structured in a manner that makes for easy reading and understanding. Especially, since it is a methodical and step by step approach to healing fatty liver disease, it should have been compiled and structured better.

How long will it actually take to see results?

Now, this is something that can be explained very easily and in a logical manner. While the claims are that it takes anything between 10 days to a month to see results even for individuals who are heavy smokers and drinkers, the money back guarantee period is more accurate, and gives an idea of how long it will actually take to see results. If the publishers were sure of seeing results in 30 days as claimed, then the money back should have been 30 days. The very fact that the money back is 60 days proves that it will take close to 2 months to see results. Anyway, getting results in two months is certainly a huge relief and an accomplishment. It really is something to be cheerful about, because if you can get fit in under 60 days, then it certainly is a big deal. Because many individuals have slogged out for months together without seeing results, and this program offers results with a money back guarantee of two months. So this is something to think about seriously. Now, this also does not require any special health club registration. You need not step out of your home to get fit. You can follow the program from the comfort of your home and see good results. That is a great advantage for individuals who have been fighting it out, getting into sportswear and hitting the gym or the jogging track studiously.

Verified user reviews

As with other programs, there have been good reviews and a few adverse ones also. However, to the credit of the publishers, the adverse reviews have all been about the time taken to see results and not about the actual results. This indicates that the program is certainly effective. The book has sold well and users who have actually bought it have appreciated the program. It is no surprise, since it is grounded in medical science. The only odd aspect has been the claims in terms of time. Other than that all are in agreement about its efficacy.

Final word – will it fix, or is it another rip off?

It is not a rip off. It has helped users. It is supported by scientific research. It comes with a money back guarantee. It is priced reasonably. It is a simple to follow program. Yes, it is worth a try, provided the user has a realistic goal. Do not aim to achieve something outstanding or something superfast. Be grounded in your beliefs and expectations and this program will be of some use to you. It can actually be a good place to start off and enter into a very healthy life, by seeing results and using it as a stepstone to better health.