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Back to Life Healthy Back System Review – Is EraseMyBackpain.com by Emily Lark a Scam?

Back pain can be the most excruciating pain ever, in addition to fully compromising mobility or actions in the other limbs. By virtue of being the back, it influences the freedom with which other limbs are moved. This is the reason why back pain is the most uncomfortable of all. Emily Lark claims to have developed a program that will naturally get rid of back pain. Now, if it were entirely true, it will certainly be the best news ever for millions of people globally, who suffer from debilitating back pain. So, let’s get to the bottom of the back pain system.

Who is Emily Lark by the way?

Emily Lark, the author of Erase My Back Pain program is famous among the fitness conscious, having earned her name as a reputed fitness and wellness coach. Her credentials go back to decade, and is presently among the most sought after instructors in the United States with specialist expertise in Yoga and Pilates. Her studio which was inaugurated in 2014 is more of a destination for the fitness conscious as people of all ages descend on her center for Yoga and classes.

There is a personal angle to this also. A car smash left her wracked by back pain.She had to actually leave her job to be able to take treatment for the back pain. Such was the condition of her back after she met with the accident. Though she was advised surgery to alleviate her pain, she chose to understand more about the pain and avoid surgery. Consequently, she extensively researched about the condition and came up with a simple routine of around ten minutes which she found to be effective in ridding her of back pain. It was a personal achievement for her and she is her first living testimony of the effectiveness of her program. Her program is all about the little things she did to fight the back pain. She is now healthy, free from back pain and is now making a living out of helping people into a more fit condition, and sharing her knowledge and insights about the program.

Can exercises have an impact on the condition of the back?

Well there are scientific material that support this claim. Exercises will make the back more flexible and strong. Back has to be flexible for it to be able to take loads and carry weights and perform the simple tasks easily. Exercises exist to strengthen the back. Performed over a specific period, exercises have the ability to transform the way a person lives. For instance, it would be easy to perform daily chores without having to spend time and money trying to get back into shape.

What does the program do to combat the back pain?

The certified instructor has crafted a program that not only tones your body, with curative exercises, it actually guides users to bring in dietary changes to achieve faster and better results. The program, interestingly relies on special herbs that need to be included in diets to help combat the back pain. The program is all about preparinga person to effectively handle bouts of sciatica. This is achieved by nudging the balance of nerves and muscles and tendons into harmonious existence. The strengthening movesare painless core exercises that relieve muscle tension and fight back pain fully. The program is a well rounded program where there are simple to follow exercises, tips on doing things right and dietary recommendations that are designed to assist individuals in fighting pain and getting back in to routine after getting back into shape. The physical movements are simple and gently, performed in a scientific sequence that are designed to remove anomalies in the body, while enhancing the health of the individual’s back in addition to simultaneously strengthening, toning muscles. The scientifically planned order of physical movements helps to unleash the full potential of the body, improve kinetics, and increase flexibility. There is a mix of scientific basis to the exercises, advanced pain research and kinesiology. The program is basically a three-part video that helps individuals to scale up their exercises and workouts as the pain gets eliminated and this will certainly help improve overall fitness.

What is the duration of the workouts

Thought it may appear short, the workouts are incredibly easy and effective, taking only ten minutes per day. This goes on to prove that to do something right and see results, it does not actually require long winded approaches and strenuous efforts. It is all a question of using your time wisely. Now, individuals may consider this claim to be a little beyond comprehension. A ten minute workout to get rid of nagging back pain? Is it really possible? Well, it has been proved to be possible, but not only because of the exercise, but also because of the changes in lifestyle and consumption of diet that has a healing effect.

For the record, were you aware that sleeping on your side in a position that is similar to the embryonic position helps to alleviate pain significantly? Or did you know that you need to go close to an object you intend to lift? Or were you aware that reaching up to an object perched high up needs to be attempted with the help of a latter or something that will help you to increase your effective height and reach? Never actually try to reach for something that is placed at a higher level, or never bend unsafely, when it is necessary to pick up something. Now these are very simple tips that actually contribute to reducing pain in the back.

The program in a nutshell

This program, also known as The Back to Life Systemwas put together by Emily Lark to offer comprehensive information on getting rid of back pain, and sciatica and eliminating muscle tightness by following an easy to follow 10-minute routine that will add great strength to the core muscles in the body. Typically meant for individuals aged above 40 years, it actually offers benefits people suffering from weight gain, or any kind of anxiety or lack of sleep (insomnia). She actually draws on her personal experience spending thousands of dollars on alternative and mainstream treatments. The range of treatments that she tried out prior to putting together this program included different types of massage, various methods of acupuncture and a full range of therapies. She understood that the main reason for the failure on the part of individuals in receiving relief was the fact that theytried to treat the wrong muscles, with incorrect stretching techniques. This, in her opinion caused more pain over an extended period of time. There is a difference between core muscles and back muscles. Individuals tried to treat back pain by strengthening back muscles rather than focusing on core muscles. Another startling discovery was that when individuals experience pain, they take rest. This, as per her research, supported by medical studies shows that extended periods of rest can turn the back muscles more tighter and weaker. This is a perfect recipe for delayed recovery or additional pain. She felt that repetitive trauma is causative, because it adds stress on the body, triggering internal damage. It is also responsible for causing Crossed Syndrome, which pulls the spine out of its normal alignment, and this is one of the more stronger reasons for pain in joints and muscles and spine.

Typically, Emily Lark’s Healthy Back System is intended to share the following information and tips that can be followed :

  • Simple, easy to follow basic core exercises
  • Practical techniques to loosen tight muscles for instant pain relief
  • A unique stretch exercise for sciatica relief

Lets take a close and good look at some of the pros of the package

  • Affordability. No one would really want to shell out a big amount for a program, regardless of how effective it was. At the rate at which it is being offered, you will actually find that you receive benefits that cannot be compared with the cost factor because of the wide ranging benefits.
  • Simple and effective. You need not actually become some kind of a pro to be able to reap the benefits of the program. It is a simple and effective program. All that you need to do is to follow the instructions that are methodical and systematic. You will see the results as promised as you start progressing in the program.
  • Superior quality of presentation. The quality of presentation is simply superior. Crystal clear clarity both in video and audio you will not find a gap that will be a hurdle. And whats more the program is available in two different formats. One is a digital download only format, while the other is a combination of digital download and a hard copy. The only difference here is that you need to spay the shipping and handling charges additionally. But for this small addition in amount, you will actually get a program in a hardcopy, which you can read whenever you want, anywhere you want.
  • Money back guarantee. A money back guarantee is always the best part of a good deal because, an individual who does not find the program effective in sixty will be able to get his money back. This offer speaks volumes about the confidence of the creator of the program in its efficacy.
  • Author with experience. This is from someone who knows what she is selling. The nature of information shared in her program is certainly from an expert who is celebrated and successful, in addition to having suffered from back pain for a long period.

Lets take a close and good look at some of the cons of the package

  • It may require medical advice. Despite being a feasible and simple to use routine and program, the very fact that it is related to a medical condition of problem makes it mandatory for you to actually take the advice of your family physician or a specialist before you perform the routine.

  • It may not offer the same results for all. Individuals who expect too much out of the program may actually feel disappointed, because it is important to know that results will vary from person to person, from condition to condition, a cross age groups and the extent and severity of back pain.

  • The program may lack clinical evidences.


The reviews are understandably a mix of good and not so good. The step by step instructions in the video have certainly impressed users, who found them useful and helpful. Some reviews have gone against this, typically talking about the reduced effectiveness of the program. This is to be expected in a program where there are different types of bodies and conditions, However, hardly a few reviews have spoken of nil results, which means that results are seen, but only the extent of results have differed.

Our final opinion – will it heal back pain or be another way of seeing your money down the drain?

This program will certainly work to an extent. You will not lose your money. And with the money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Back pain is certainly one of the worst and most difficult to tackle. A lot of people go through physio therapy and other intervention programs at great cost and sometimes are not satisfied with the results. This is one simple and effective program that will not have side effects and will offer results naturally, without you having to take medication or undergoing some kind of procedure. You only follow a routine, and workout to strengthen certain sets of muscles to improve the condition of your back and make it more flexible. You will be consuming herbs which help to bring healing faster to the back, and this in combination with the exercise will help to put you back on your foot in no time. Getting your back in shape is important – take this program, it will help.