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Art Therapy Can Relieve You of Stress

The term art therapy refers to the application of visual arts in a therapeutic context. Many people can benefit from art therapy sessions in a number of ways. For example, they can reduce the levels of stress that people are dealing with, reduce the symptoms of anxiety, encourage creative thinking, help those suffering from depression, and more. These sessions can even help people with addiction issues. As you can see, they provide many mental health benefits.

art therapy

Credentialed professionals lead art therapy sessions, and they tailor each therapeutic activity according to their client’s needs. Of course, each activity has a positive impact on the patient, no matter if he has artistic skills and talent or not. The talent is not of the importance when it comes to this therapy. The only thing that is critical to enjoying the benefits that it provides is to express yourself. This type of therapy is quite beneficial, and it gives the patients a chance to express themselves freely through their artwork. It is a perfect option for people who don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger about their thoughts and opinions. Art therapy gives them an opportunity to express their worries, fears, and anxieties through their artistic work. Some of the activities that it includes are painting, drawing, sculpting with clay, making dolls, making collages, and visual journaling.

Art Therapy and Stress

Many people in the United States deal with high levels of stress on a daily basis. It is not a surprise as most of them have stressful jobs, deadlines that they have troubles meeting, and more. They can also be under a lot of stress when they get home and realize how much household work they have to do. All of these things can contribute to the feeling of stress, and they can have an impact on our mental health. People who are dealing with stress also often have troubles sleeping at night. Many individuals have issues falling asleep at night and staying asleep until the morning. It happens because they worry a lot, and these worries keep them awake. When they don’t rest properly at night, they get even more stressed because they are not well-rested to cope with new challenges that await them.

Luckily, art therapy is an excellent solution when it comes to stress relief. No matter if you prefer sculpting, painting, drawing, or something else, art can help lower your overall stress levels. As we engage in artistic activities we can relax and feel the stress and tension leaving our bodies. The explanation for this is simple – as we start focusing on the piece of art that we are working on, we tend to forget other things, including our worries and obligations. We are too concentrated on the process of creating artwork and there is no room left for worries and stress. All we have to think about is the clay or a blank canvas that we will use to create a piece of art. As you can see, engaging in art therapy sessions provides a mental escape from our problems and worries. It is a perfect distraction for our brain as it gives it a break from thinking about stressful activities and obligations that we have to deal with.