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5 Ways To Overcome Performance Anxiety

Most men worry about their sexual performance at some point during their lives. Whether they’re worried about climaxing too quickly, failing to get an erection or not satisfying their partner enough. The roots of performance anxiety differ from person to person and each case is unique, although some common factors play a part. Whether you’re worried about your beer belly and your appearance, you’re a heavy smoker, drinker or take recreational drugs, you’re stressed or have other emotional issues going on.

Sex is something that should be enjoyed by both you and your partner, so when we place too much pressure on ourselves or we spend time analysing our own performances, it can make our performance anxiety even worse. Luckily there are some ways to tackle this issue. Read on for 5 ways to overcome performance anxiety.

Medicines and prescriptions

Physically, medications and prescriptions can help many men overcome their performance anxiety and enjoy sex to the full. From that infamous little blue pill to a more modern and sophisticated HGH prescription – you can find out how to get HGH by clicking the link. These are especially effective if you’re also struggling with erectile dysfunction. If you think that these kinds of treatments would be ideal for your situation, speak with a health professional.



The roots of performance anxiety can run deep. There may be emotional and psychological issues involved which are preventing you from enjoying your sex life. Perhaps you experienced trauma in your childhood, or you’re still recovering from a previous, toxic relationship. Or, perhaps you have other anxiety issues that have now crept into your sex life. Whatever your issues may be, a qualified therapist will be able to help you come to terms with your issues and take positive steps to help you overcome them.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV

Sex is everywhere. It’s used in advertising, in film, on TV and of course, porn, which is all probably responsible for the unrealistic expectations many people have around sex. Not everyone has chiselled abs, not everyone reaches orgasm, and the sex we see on screens just isn’t realistic. It’s important not to compare yourself to these unrealistic standards and don’t feel pressured to match them.

Try something new

Sometimes sex can become a little stale, which makes performing more difficult. So, take this opportunity to change things up a little bit and try something new to combat your feelings of anxiety and pressure. Experiment with foreplay, oral sex, or something less physically demanding, like massage, or even role play.

Keep your partner in the loop

It’s not an easy topic to bring up but when you reach out to your partner about the issues you’re having you may notice a difference in your psychological limitations. Let them know that you’re struggling or worried about your performance – it’ll be a huge weight off your mind and if you’re worried about not being able to please your partner, ask them what they want!