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5 Ways to Help Your Children Get More Exercise

With video games and movies any time of the day or night, most children would rather stay inside than go out and play like their parents and grandparents used to do. Exercise is an important part of growing and should not be avoided.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to convince children to get up and exercise. You’ll find this post helpful when trying to get your children up and to exercise more.

Children Get More Exercise

Here are 5 ways to help your children get more exercise.

  1. Use Their Video Games

There are many video games which require movement, but you can turn any and all online games into an exercise routine. Get them up off the couch and participating in the game.

You can purchase more “active” video games like sports and hunting, then ask them to stand up and play along. Depending on their age, you may get some resistance. It is best to get them up and moving along with their games sooner rather than later.

You may need to purchase gaming items that go along with certain types of video games, but the cost is worth it if it gets your children up and moving.  

  1. Use Competition

Competition is a great motivator if you have more than one child. Get kids racing against each other or implement jumping jacks, sit-ups, or other types of exercise race before they can start their other games. This will motivate children to move more and to think before they simply sit all day.

  1. Hold Scavenger Hunts

Hide clues that lead to small gifts or cards that give more electronic and game time. Ask your kids to go on a scavenger hunt to find the clues and then the prize at the end. This will get them up and motivated to move.

If you do this once or twice a week, with a prize they really want, you will get them more excited about the game, which is really an activity for them to move more.

  1. Set up an Obstacle Course

If you have enough room in the backyard, set up an obstacle course that is not only fun but creates an exercise routine. Going under, over, and through different ladders, sheets and such can be fun and motivating.

Ask your children to build their own course and see what they come up with. Give them as much random “equipment” as you can and see what their imagination can do.

  1. Be a Role Model

Get up and show your children how to exercise and what a good idea it is to exercise daily. Children learn from what they see their parents doing.

If they see you on the couch all the time, they will not think exercise is important. If you are up walking, jogging, or playing sports, they are more likely to join in or want to start their own exercise program.

And include the entire family with hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. It will not only help your children physically but emotionally they will feel more connected to you and this could be a good thing as they grow older.