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5 Uncommon Oral Health Problems and How to Fix Them

Maintaining one’s oral health is extremely important as it promotes strong teeth and healthy gums. But sometimes other sickness and diseases can cause tooth decay & receding gums. Some oral ailments can be quickly identified but others are difficult to diagnose. Are you taking your oral health responsibility seriously enough?

If you’re having oral health problems contact any dentist Prahran has in the area so you can fix the problem immediately. To help you make a decision about how to change your oral hygiene routine, here are five uncommon oral health problems people may not know about.

Knowing what these oral health problems are can help you and your dentist to devise the best course of action on how to fix the issue.

1. Dry Mouth Syndrome

There are many factors that can cause dry mouth syndrome such as certain medications, radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Most people who take CBD supplements will also experience dry mouth symptoms.

The treatment or the medication you’re taking slows down the saliva production in your mouth which causes a feeling of dryness and difficulty swallowing. Chronic dry mouth can cause halitosis, receding gums and tooth decay because there isn’t enough saliva to wash away bacteria in the mouth.

Dry mouth syndrome typically doesn’t last and it will disappear once you’re done with treatment or medication. But if your dry mouth symptoms persist you should go to your doctor for a check-up because it may be an indication that you have diabetes.


Here are a few ways you can decrease your dry mouth discomfort:

  • Drink plenty of water out of a glass bottle
  • Eat sugarless sweets that stimulate saliva
  • Use an alcohol-free mouth wash
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Decrease sugar intake


2.  Oral Thrush

Thrush is a fungal infection that can infect the mouth. Oral thrush typically occurs in children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems. It can also be caused by dry mouth syndrome or people who wear dentures.

Symptoms of oral thrush include sore white spots on the tongue and gums. Other symptoms include loss of taste and redness around the gums & throat.

Oral thrush isn’t threatening and can be cured fast with an antibiotic prescribed by a dentist. However, for people who have lower immune systems, the thrush infection can spread rapidly and cause major health problems.

If you have oral thrush, visit any dentist Prahran has in the area. The dentist will prescribe an anti-fungal medication that will clear the thrush quickly.

To avoid getting oral thrush it’s advised that you clean your teeth thoroughly every day and floss. If you experience dryness, rinse your mouth regularly. But avoid mouth wash because it can alter the flora in your mouth.


3. Black Hairy Tongue

Black hairy tongue is a harmless condition that doesn’t cause any major health issues. The condition is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. Black hairy tongue can also be caused by protein keratin build up in the mouth.

The bacteria grows on tiny projections in the mouth called papillae that lie along the surface of the tongue. The papillae will start to grow, creating hair-like stems. Food, drink, smoking and bacteria can cause the papillae to turn black.

Symptoms of black hairy tongue include nausea, halitosis and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

To prevent black hairy tongue from happening to you, you should brush your teeth and tongue twice a day & floss regularly. Go for regular checkups at the dentist and avoid smoking.

4. Fissured Tongue

A fissured tongue has deep grooves or fissures on the surface of the tongue. The exact cause of fissured tongue is unknown. However, researchers state that it may be caused by an underlying condition such as past infections, malnutrition and even Down syndrome.

The grooves in the tongue can cause a build-up of food and bacteria that can lead to other oral health problems such as fungal infections, ulcers & thrush.

Dentists advise that people with a fissured tongue should brush the area thoroughly with a soft toothbrush to eliminate food build up inside the grooves.


5. Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome typically occurs in middle-aged or older women. It’s a frustrating condition caused by the following:

  • Dry mouth syndrome
  • Malnutrition
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nerve damage
  • Fungal infections


People who have burning mouth syndrome can experience a tingling or burning sensation on the tongue and changes in taste. If you have this condition you should avoid eating acidic foods such as oranges, lemons and vinegar-based condiments.

Use mild toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and gums & drink cool water throughout your day. Other treatment options include using lidocaine, warm salt water and certain anti-inflammatory medication.


Final Thoughts

Do you have an uncommon oral health problem that not many people know about? Let us know what medication and treatments you use for your oral ailments in the comment section below. You may be helping some of our readers with an unknown remedy that could help them with their oral health problems.