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3 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol (or “CBD” for short) is a hot industry right now, but many don’t know all the details about the different CBD products. CBD isolate in particular is a product that many don’t quite understand.

CBD isolate is made from CBD oil and it’s the most pure form of CBD on the market — it isolates only the CBD chemical compound into a crystalline form. Read on for a few more facts about it.

What are the differences between whole plant hemp extract and CBD isolate?


As mentioned previously, CBD isolate is more pure. Because CBD isolate is so pure, it can be used to craft your own forms of CBD oils or snacks. For many, purchasing CBD isolate is a good idea because they can pick their concentration of CBD and whatever they want to consume it with.

Whole plant hemp extract leaves all the properties of the hemp plant intact, as opposed to the specific cannabidiol chemical that makes up CBD isolate. CBD isolate is less popular than hemp oil and other CBD oils because it seems more intense and the powder substance looks unnatural. In reality, CBD isolate is a completely natural substance that can add positive effects to many health routines.

What is CBD isolate best used for?

CBD isolate is often used for the same exact things that CBD is used for. CBD isolate just makes it easier for users to pick the amount of CBD they want to use. This makes it great for treating anxiety and depression, and it also helps mitigate symptoms for insomnia, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and many other illnesses. If you or someone you know tried CBD oil and had a beneficial experience, then CBD isolate will be a worthwhile purchase that lets you dose the CBD level you desire for yourself.

Keep in mind that THC gives users a high, and not CBD. CBD isolate will make you feel relaxed, but it won’t make you feel psychoactive effects of marijuana.

What do you do with CBD isolate?

People do all kinds of things with CBD depending on how they prefer to consume it. Some people even put it in a face cream to get their dosage that way. There aren’t a lot of wrong ways, so long as you’re being practical and making sure to put the right dosage of CBD isolate in whatever you’re using. Many users just drop it under their tongue because it’s quick. It can also be made into your own type of oil — you could add some scents and other chemical properties, if you have the skillset. However you do it, the amount of flexibility you have with dosage amounts gives you a chance to personalize your CBD intake.

Another easy way to use CBD isolate is to make your own CBD capsules so that you can take it like a normal supplement or vitamin. You can purchase empty capsules at the store and they are fairly easy to use. Measure out the amount of CBD isolate you want and drop it in a capsule. This also allows you to change up the amount of CBD isolate you take as you please.

CBD isolate, along with CBD in general, is an upcoming health trend that’s seeing more coverage around the United States. We can only expect to see an increase in studies, tips, and recipes on CBS isolate and CBD use.