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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Concentration

Concentrating on something for long periods of time can be challenging; even the masters struggle to maintain concentration and are swayed away by distractions. Humans are wired to seek pleasure and are bound to lose interest in things soon. Staying in concentration for extended periods is like walking on water – a near-impossible task. Almost every other individual struggle with paying attention to a specific thing for a longer time period. It is something that happens on its own, not something we have any control over honestly. 

A lot of factors such as age, ADHD, and lack of sleep can also decrease the ability to concentrate among people. In order to improve concentration, you need to adhere to a disciplined lifestyle with clean eating and regular exercise of a minimum 30 minutes. Research demonstrates that intrinsic factors; most notably, stress and depression cause a person to lose concentration. Being healthy does not only imply upon physical health but mental too. To concentrate well, people need a mixture of both physical and mental health, like taking concentration supplements. Order ginkgo biloba online right away to improve concentration. 

However, with certain lifestyle modifications, you can also improve your concentration levels and pay more attention to your surroundings. Let’s check them out and see what you can do to solve this problem. 

Here are some ways you can boost your concentration:

  1. Mental Training

There is an age-old adage, “what the mind can conceive, and the body will achieve”. See, there is a fine line between greatness and mediocrity which people need to understand. Successful people follow a set pattern of behavior every day; hence they stay focused on their ultimate goal. They have trained their mind to invest more time on productive avenues and be more efficient in their daily lives. 

A 2015 research shows that if a person spends 15 to 20 minutes on mental training activities, they will observe a considerable improvement in their concentration levels. Even Yoga helps a lot of people to stay focused and concentrate for long hours. So, spend more time on productive activities; such as reading a book, playing memory-enhancing games etc. 

  1. Exercise More

Exercising regularly is known to boost concentration. Scientific evidence suggests people who exercise 3 times a week are more likely to improve concentration compared to those who do not. In fact, research demonstrates that working out can halt memory loss in adults.

When you take part in physical activity such as exercise, it stimulates cortisol and dopamine – resulting in an improved mood. Remember, when you are in high spirits, your concentration levels automatically go up.

  1. Embrace Nature

Nature is the best therapy. In the age of information technology, we seldom take our time to admire the beauty of what’s around us. When I say nature, you do not necessarily have to go to a secluded area 100 miles from where you live. You can simply wake up in the morning, and walk for 15-20 minutes in a nearby park or to a place abundant in greenery.

  1. Sleep Tight

We often stress the importance of sleep but never really follow a set sleep pattern. Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of disruption in concentration, memory and attention span. What’s worse is continuous sleep deprivation can cause neuron death – which leads to diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s etc.

Doctors recommend a minimum sleep cycle of 8 hours. Getting your sleep cycle on track has tons of benefits. In case you cannot sleep on time, try turning off your Wi-Fi and putting your gadgets away, get in the company of a good book, take a nice, warm bath and listen to soothing music.

  1. Learn a Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument stimulates creativity and enhances concentration. If you have no formal training in music theory, you will have to concentrate hard to nail down the basics of the instrument. Besides, learning how to play your favorite tunes is fun.

Talking from personal experience, I listen from Bach and Vivaldi to The Rolling Stones and Nirvana while at work. It helps me to concentrate and puts me in my zone.

  1. Supplements Do Work

Supplements are known to enhance concentration and mood. However, you would want to consult a medical professional before opting for any type of supplements. Most of the supplements are available OTC. 

Essentially, a supplement consolidates all the important nutrients your body requires in a small portion. Following are the list of supplements that are known to improve concentration and overall mood:

  1. Folate
  2. Vitamin K
  3. Omega -3 fatty acids
  4. Flavonoids


  1. Go for Brain Training

Try to train your brain by playing some mind games like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, chess, memory games, and word searches. They will help you think more and in a better way. 

  1. Meditate a Little

To improve concentration, it is essential to meditate from time to time and know-how well you are doing. Giving some time to yourself improves focus and help in giving more attention to many things at once. Cognitive abilities and memory improve as well due to meditation. 

  1. Try taking small breaks

People often lose concentration while working or performing an activity. This type of exhaustion is pretty common in people who can only be catered through taking breaks. After spending a few hours on a particular activity, try taking a break from it, and it will automatically improve concentration. You will also have more interest to do the specific task and will need less time to finish it because of better concentration. 

  1. Drink Coffee

Lastly, drink a warm cup of coffee to kick start your day. This works like magic as caffeine is known to improve focus and concentration from time to time. You can also opt-out for green tea or black tea if coffee is not something you prefer. However, apart from being soothing, coffee has health benefits as well, when taken into moderate quantities. 

Wrapping Up

By following these 10 things, anyone who is troubling with paying attention can improve their concentration levels. When people incorporate these changes, concentrating on things will become easier on its own. However, it should be kept in mind that it is a work in progress and changes will take place gradually. Expecting a sudden change will be disappointing as concentration levels will only improve through continuous efforts.