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Weight Loss Doesn’t Have To Mean Starvation

When you say diet, you probably think about the fact that you’ll go hungry most of the time. While it is true that a diet will not allow you to eat all the foods you want and not in the quantities you would like, it doesn’t mean that you’ll starve most of the day. In fact, it is not recommended to follow a diet that will not give you the nutrition you need, as starvation will make you feel lightheaded, dizzy, tired, and lacking the energy needed to go through the day. If you feel this way, then most certainly the diet you are following is not the right one. Weight loss is not something that takes place overnight, as it is a rather lengthy process. Also, when the weight loss takes place gradually and in a healthy manner, it is easier to maintain the shape of your body.

  • Nutritious foods must be part of your weight loss diet

As mentioned earlier, you need to look for diets that allow you to eat nutritious foods, which can provide the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats your body needs for the making of energy. Eggs, for example, are some of the most nutritious, as nature made them complex so that they can sustain the formation of life. Thus, you can have eggs while looking to lose weight, as long as you boil them and not fry them. In fact, you can lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks with eggs without a problem. The boiled egg diet is based on boiled eggs as the primary source of vitamins and proteins, which, paired with other healthy foods, keep your body properly fed and promote weight loss. It is worth knowing that the yolk contains most of the vitamins and other nutrients, while the egg white contains proteins alone and no fat. So, if you want to lose weight and have sufficient energy to go through with your workout schedule and other daily activities, then you should check out the boiled eggs diet.

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  • Why starvation is not a good idea

Some people live with the false impression that hunger will help them lose weight. Well, this may be true, if you can withstand the headaches, dizziness, and bad mood triggered by lack of food. But, once you will grow sick and tired of feeling hungry all the time and will start eating proper meals, your body will get back at you. In other words, the body will start making energy reserves from everything you eat, meaning that it will form fat deposits throughout your body, just in case food will be scarce again. So, by starving yourself you do nothing but motivate your body to store fat so that it will have energy next time you won’t eat. Thus, the best diet has at least 3 meals per day, at regular hours, and 2 snacks. You can even spread the amount of food you can eat each day in 5 meals, but smaller portions, if that it easier for you.