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Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – Is It Melanie Addington Scam?

herpesproHerpes is such a painful disease that nobody would ever like to live with it and even with those who are suffering from this disease and the biggest example is the creator of Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie Addington, who was left alone by her boyfriend when he found that she was suffering from herpes. Though it can be treated, majority of the sufferers waste their time in unnatural treatment methods which sometimes make the condition even worse and the treatment becomes even more difficult. Therefore, if you are experiencing this issue, don’t waste your time and money but find something which can really get you a solution. Read this Ultimate Herpes Protocol review to see if Melanie’s claim is right.

How Does Ultimate Herpes Protocol Work?

It is a simple step-by-step solution to treat both types of herpes and shingles and the most important thing about it is that you will not be asked to use chemicals or other harmful drugs. Everything is so natural and for the convenience of the users, the entire system has been divided into three steps which are as follows;

The First Step
The treatment starts with a boost to immune system of the body of the sufferer. Most of the treatments don’t give importance to aspect which later results into reoccurrence of the symptoms and therefore, it is really important to improve defensive system of the body to curb the activities of virus.

The Second Step
Once the defensive system is fully functional and the virus is under control, you learn how to destroy it completely. Here you will learn what you actually need to break virus strength and destroy it to come back to a healthy living. This is the most important step and you must ensure to follow it properly.

The Third Step
Once you have got rid of virus, it does not mean you are completely out of the danger zone, but there are still risks which you need to deal and the best way to do this is to learn how you can prevent herpes virus come back and destroy the peace of your life.

About Melanie Addington

Melanie Addington is a beautiful lady who had to suffer from herpes but at least she was able to find out that her boyfriend was not sincere with her and this is what made her find a permanent solution to the disease. Herpes completely changed her life and now she is not the one who she used to be as she is now the creator of herpes treatment instead of being a sufferer.


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  2. Happy Now– Leaving Negativity and Depression Behind

Cons in Review Ultimate Herpes Protocol

  • The treatment is not very easy so it requires you to do a lot of hard work if you really want to bring back the comfort in your life.
  • During reading, you might find some medical terms which are difficult to understand and if you don’t understand them correctly you could make a mistake.


Pros in Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

  • You don’t have to start treatment without understanding the actual problems, but you will be given much info on what the disease is and how you can control its actual causes.
  • No matter what type of herpes you are suffering from, you will find solution for every type.
  • If you are tired of temporary solutions, this time you are not going to get disappointed as Ultimate Herpes Protocol will bring ultimate solution.
  • When you know you are using natural ingredients, you don’t have the fear of side effects which often occur during or after the treatment.

Is It Ultimate Herpes Protocol Scam???

If you are suffering from herpes and just want a permanent solution, this can be given to you by this program. Ultimate Herpes Protocol review also shows that the author is giving full money back guarantee for 60 days which is really great because you know your money remains safe if the program does not work for you.