Skincell Pro Reviews – Does Skincell Pro a good mole and skin tag removing cream?

Skincell Pro Reviews – Does Skincell Pro a good mole and skin tag removing cream?

Skincell Pro is mole and skin tag remove cream which is created from all natural ingredients like Zincum Muriaticum and Sanguinaria Canadensis. According to website of Skincell pro, reviews, customer testimonials and consumer feedbacks, this skin tag removal serum uses all natural ingredients in combination to penetrate roots of the skin blemishes such as moles and tags, finally causing moles or skin tags to fall off.

The company behind this skin tag removal cream claims that it can even heal the part where there are blemishes, without leaving any mark behind.

Without any doubt, these promises are really very attractive to sufferers of blemishes such as moles and skin tags, and if it is true, Skincell Pro could be extremely useful and effective way to manage them.

How Skincell Pro should be used?

As stated and claimed by the manufacturer of Skincell Pro, as soon as it is applied, it starts to breach the mole or skin tag, sending message to white blood cell, to start the removal as well as healing process.

At this point, manufacturer promises that body will be doing the remaining work. Skin blemishes must scab here, therefore naturally starting healing process. When you read the instruction you will see that you must apply the skin healing cream like simple Neosporin product to scab because it starts healing to help with process and help to avoid scars. As soon as completely healed, there must be nearly no marks of blemishes ever existing.

What’re moles and skin tags and How they occur?

Moles and skin tags are growths which occur in various parts of body. Most if not all growths are entirely benign, but sometimes they can become sign of serious ailment, even cancer. As mentioned in an article at WebMD (, most of moles aren’t cancerous, and generally, you do not have to worry much about this. When mole changes the colors, size or shape or begins itching or bleeding, it becomes necessary to visit your dermatologist. For more understanding about their growths, we have break them down separately.

Skincell-Pro Body

Skin Tags

These are small flaps of tissues bulging from your skin. Skin tags are usually found under breasts, in chest areas, on neck, in back, and groin. They are completely risk free, therefore there isn’t any pressing require to remove them until you have some cosmetic reasons, and may be just because one continuously become irritated by jewelry or clothing.

Causes Of Skin Tags?

They are mainly caused because of skin-on-clothing and skin-on-skin friction. Most if not all of us will have it at least one of such skin tags in our lives. It’s not rare for people with obesity.

Traditional methods for removing skin tags

Traditionally they were removed by the dermatologists by cutting them off with the help of scissors or by freezing them off with the help of cryosurgery or by burning them off with electric current. All these techniques are common and nearly risk free.


Moles on the other hand are growths which occur apparently at random parts of skin. Moles are generally black or brown in color. They are usually harmless. They can occur almost everywhere on your skin, sometimes in clusters, sometimes single. They usually appear during childhood, or under 25 years of age. As mentioned on WebMD ( ), it is usual for fully grown adults to have 12 to 45 moles on their skin. Moles are inclined to change with time, usually changing in colors, raising or downright vanishing in few cases.

Causes of Moles Formation

During skin growth process, certain skin cell groups known as melanocytes, which is derived from melanin which gives color to your skin, grow in cluster rather than being spread equally across the skin. They quickly become moles that are visible on our body. There’re many types of moles, however most of them are risk free, non-cancerous. However care must be taken when you see some changes in their size, color or shape.


Traditional Methods of Moles Removal

They can be rid just like skin tags. Severe cases should be frozen off, burned off, and surgically removed. These processes are pretty simple and need no recovery time.

Ingredients Inside Skincell Pro – reviewing It for Effectiveness in Removign Skin Tags and Moles

2 main ingredients of Skincell Pro are Zincum Muriaticum and Sanguinaria Candenis.  Let’s explore more about them;

Sanguinaria Canadensis: Also known as blood root, Sanguinaria Canadensis has been under use as the treatment of various diseases for more than a century. As mentioned in, since 19th century this ingredient has been under use as the treatment of cancerous growth like warts and polyps. As it’s true that Bloodroots has been utilized as herbal treatment in traditional medication for long, there is enough evidence at present age from various authoritative sites that suggest Bloodroot has true clinical values for moles and skin tag removals.



Zincum Muriaticum:  Zimcum Muriaticum is avilable in Earth’s crust, and contains roots in homeopathic community. As several homeopathic sites usually promote Zincum Muriaticum as an effective treatment for moles and skin tags. Many authoritative websites like suggest there is not enough clinical trial and evidence to completely support such claims.

According to claims from Skincell Pro website that main function of Zincum Muriaticum is creating little scab over skin tag or mole area, igniting the process of healing. However, we weren’t able to see direct proofs on authoritative websites of substance showing such effects.

Finally, we didn’t find much of clinical trials and evidences in our research which can substantiate the promises by the Skincell Pro for effectiveness of Zincum Muriaticum and Sanguinaria Canadensis for addressing moles and skin tags, whether used in conjunction or alone.

However, we were not able to see any report, complaints, reviews that shows any serious health problems and risks when they are taken in conjunction. Let’s talk about Skincell Pro’s side effects.

Side Effects of Skincell Pro

When we investigated various online stores, online review sites, we were not able to see any direct comments of negative side effects of Skincell Pro. Moreover, we did see some details on Sanguinaria Canadensis, the active main substance which suggests that side effects can be there from use of this ingrediant topically. Particularly when read on, localized tissues disfiguring scarring and damages are reported in number of cases. We were also able to find proofs that claims that nursing or pregnant mother can be at risks of adverse side effects, and must avoid it if possible.

Skincell Pro Money Back Policy

As mentioned in product’s website, Skincell Pro is backed by 1 month money refund guarantee. But, you will be paying some charges for handling and shipping if you want to return the product back. As for these additional charges, we were not able to find something like restocking fee in the TOS.

According to our experience, we suggest it is a kind of red flag whenever manufacturer does not provide information which can let you directly contact with their representatives, like live chat or phone. With this treatment, the only option you have is to talk to company through their online contact.

Are there other products that are Similar to Skincell Pro?

In fact there’re various different treatments available on the market that claims to treat moles and skin tags. We have even reviewed some of them, like Tag Away, Skintech, and Miracle Plus. Most of these products use the ingredients that are not available in Skincell Pro.

Final Words on Skincell Pro Reviews – Does Skincell Pro is an effective moles and skin tag remove cream?

Everything mentioned, have reliable treatment which could effectively manage or treat moles and skin tags would be useful for people who deal with such problems on daily bases. Unluckily, there does not seem to be sufficient demonstrable and clinical proofs or consumer testimonials to support claims which Skincell Pro can effectively remove your unwanted moles and skin tags.

When we try to research on its ingredients we were not able to verify that they are best for ridding moles and skin tags, nor could we found proofs that you will be able to see results in 8 hours, as claims by the manufacturer.