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Review of Anti-Diet Solution by Anthony Alayon – Scam or Work?

The desire to lose excess weight has become something of an international pastime. Products, books, crash diets, potions, formulas, techniques, workouts – you name it, there seems to be everything offering some way to lose excess weight. Anthony Alayon suggests that there is something basically wrong with the way people attempt to lose weight. Now, can he be true? Are the other programs not really effective? Well, we wanted to actually find out more about him and the contents of his book to understand if he is indeed true. We set out checking if his program will work where others have met limited success (as per his suggestions). So, here we go.

About Anthony Alayon

Now, who exactly is Anthony Alayon? The author of this ebook is a certified fitness trainer, who contributes articles to websites that are popular and followed by fitness freaks. Some of the more renowned publications feature his articles. He has also been actively involved in compiling training programs for professional athletes including the likes of NFL stars and baseball players. He is also credited with many other weight loss programs. He graduated from the University of Florida and despite his accounting academic background, he is an acclaimed fitness expert, and has considerable reputation as one with strong knowledge about fitness and wellness. So that kind of settles his reputation and his expertise in the field. This is an important way to know more about the contents of a book or a program – the credentials of the author. So far so good. It’s time to take a deeper look.

So, what is exactly different about this program?

To begin with, it is an eBook, that claims to help fight weight increase and helping individuals to get into shape. Now, by itself, this is something similar to most programs that are presently available. However, the eBook seems to say something that the others have not and it also claims that the others are not really right.

Basically, an Anti-Diet Solution is not a plan or a week-long detox and cleansing program. It is ideally a compilation of ideas that one can use to get long term benefits. It claims from the word go, in fact from its very title that it is all about the need to go on a diet. It simply suggests that a diet will have no results if it is not properly followed and combined with other actions. The program says that you need to actually eat differently and work out differently to see results. It claims that it is not necessary for diets to work always, and that, at some point of time, they will plateau and will start taking a person backward. It also, as per the claims mentioned in the book, will take away nutrients from the body and has the possibility of weakening a person. The book, advices readers to choose the right kind of foods and do away with food that is not healthy or that which is inconsistent with a weight loss program. Here, the book also goes on to talk about the need to not just lose weight, but to maintain oneself at the that level. Well, he seems to have a point. How many of us have worked hard and reduced weight and got in shape, only to find that a few months or weeks down the line, we have lost everything, to go back into the out of shape status? Well, Anthony says that it need not necessarily be so anymore.

Well, there is a claim that an aged lady managed to lose weight, lots of it, just by eating right. He says that she lost her weight without working out for insane period of time, that she did not jump onto a low carb diet, that she did not starve herself to the point of becoming anorexic, that she did not pop some fancy pills and that she did not go under the knife to shed those pounds of weight. Now, the claim goes that she lost 16 pounds in ten days. Is that possible? Well, it certainly is possible. People who are very heavy in terms of weight can actually lose 16 pounds in ten days. For instance if a person is 140 pounds then the weight loss may not be much, but if a person is something like 200 pounds or more, then 16 pounds is certainly possible. However, it needs to be known that not everyone would be able to shed this amount of weight. It differs from person to person and case to case. This is our observation in the context of the example. However, that apart, there is some fact and possibility about the example cited. Now, this begs the question – how did she manage to lose this much of weight in 10 days?

Maybe he is true when he claims that we can actually lose weight despite becoming old, and that it is all about how we go about achieving it. Maybe he really does know something that we are not aware of. Maybe he is aware of a secret that helps. Well, we are about to find out. We set out to ascertain more about the diet that is mentioned in the eBook. We needed to check if there is something different in the book from all the diet advice available at present. Most of what is actually available at present doesn’t seem to work and help people shed weight, so his claim and book merits a look because of the apparently novel method and concepts.

The book helps in understanding why diet foods do not always help in losing weight. Instead the book shows how and what you need to consume to lose weight. There is a list of some particular foods that apparently help you burn fat and shed weight. These ingredients and food may not sometimes be available on popular diets and it actually helps individuals to get healing benefits. The combined action of healing in the body and the burning of fat are something that will help you to achieve a lot in a very short span of time. Therefore this will greatly help you to learn how to lose weight by eating the right kind of foods. This earns the book one big tick mark for the food part. Lets look at other aspects of the book. The book refers to inflammationthat results in individuals putting on weight. This is something that has been scientifically proved. This earns the book it second big tick. Because if a book addresses the aspect of inflammation and offers tips on combating it, then it certainly is one good offering. This is a niche area and only those with the right kind of knowledge and exposure would be able to explain or write about this.

The book goes on to share information about other aspects, such as the benefits that one will get one stops consuming the wrong kinds of food. Because as per the claims of Anthony which are actually rooted in scientific facts, the very act of cutting down on wrong foods and getting onto a right diet is enough to help a person lose weight and maintain body weight at those levels. It is possible to combat signs of aging, to boost energy levels, to eliminate risk of diseases, and to become health in an overall manner. In fact, the author claims that it is possible to shed almost 5 inches off the midriff, which is the most toughest place to get rid of fat. And, we certainly feel that we do not find a reason to contradict his claims.

Lets look closely at the major advantages of the book

Some of the major advantages of the book include the following :

It comes in an easy to access and read eBook format. Which means that you need not actually find your way to a store that has and bring it back home. All that you need to do is procure it electronically and read it as and when you need to refer and learn from it.

It comes in an easy to read and understand structure. You will not find it difficult to comprehend the contents. It is spelt out methodically and with the right supporting facts and examples. Which means that you can simply browse through it and follow the instructions easily.

You need not actually work out insanely in the gym or hit a special class of exercise. All that you need to do is to change your lifestyle, eat right, stop eating the wrong kinds of food and do simple basic exercises that do not take too much of your time or effort. Knowing what needs to be done is the first and most important step in achieving weight loss. And this book gives just the right information about what needs to be done right.

Money back is a deal sweetener. No one would really want to lose money right? Now this book comes with a money back offer in case you are not satisfied with the results. Now this takes the book to a deal maker status. You can actually get a copy of the book, confident that if you do not find the contents to be as claimed, you can easily seek a refund. Now that is something which makes the product a lot more appealing and genuine.

Lets also look at the drawbacks in the offering

When there is something good, there definitely needs to be something, some little thing that is not the way it should be or some drawback that needs to be mentioned so that users are fully aware of what they are getting into. So here is a small list of the drawbacks.

It is not in printed form. Many users, especially those who are aged would certainly prefer to have a copy of the book, so that they can thumb through it at leisure and whenever and wherever they want to learn more about it. While the millennials and Gen Z will be happy with digital versions, the same does not apply for the older generations. A hard copy would have certainly helped the elderly to enjoy the book better.

It needs effort from your side and a little amount of discipline. This book is not a magic potion that you drink and see results overnight or at the end of a full course. It is a compilation of facts and advice. This means that you need to follow what is written. And that means controlling your diet. That means eating the right foods. That means changing your lifestyle. While the book offers easy methods to fight the battle of the bulge, it does not offer a pill to transform you. You need to do something about the fat in your body. Remember, no pain – no gain.

What do verified users have to say by way of reviews ?

Well this is interesting. Most of the verified users found that the program was indeed useful. They claimed that they saw good results and have actually endorsed the product, in addition to posting a few pics of themselves, before and after the book. The pics and the reviews are promising. Now, the other side is of reviewers who found that they were not fully satisfied. This is where it gets interesting. They have not stated that they have not received results. They have merely stated that they have not received the results they expected. Now this means that there were some results. Now, as we have been saying from the beginning, it is very difficult for everyone to have the same results. Some will get astonishingly good results, while others will not get the same results. It will differ from person to person. Therefore the reviews are an indication that the product works. If not at the level expected, atleast at some level. So, it is not a bag of tricks or a scam.

Our final opinion – truth or a sham ?

It is worth a try. You will find results. Not as has been claimed like 16 pounds, but yes, you will find results. You will be happy with the results and the best part is that you will not lose your money even if you find that it is not working. 60 days is enough time for you to understand if it works or not.