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How To Lighten Underarms And Inner Thighs

Each body has its problem areas, from where fat goes to the very last. In women, even skinny ones, the inner surface of the thigh most often becomes such a zone. Of the course, the first thing that comes to mind with such a problem is to begin to train this particular part of the body diligently. But it turns out that this can only aggravate everything.

Unfortunately, you have to start this article with bad news. Lose weight only in a specific area of your body is impossible. No matter how hard we try, but by training the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh, it will not be possible to make this zone smaller.

Moreover, with an active load, the muscles will increase in volume and under the fat layer can make the problem area even more, at best – leave everything unchanged. Therefore, if there is excess weight, then, first of all, you need to do weight loss and strengthening of the muscular system.

The inner surface of the thighs is best to strengthen the isolated exercises without weighting. They can be performed in the completion of a full-fledged training for the development of all muscle groups. And excess fat on the body is most useful to burn aerobic exercise. With a calorie deficit, the weight will even leave all zones, including the problem ones.

However, it happens that there is no place to lose weight, and the additional volume on the inside of the thighs still interferes with life. In this case, a small fitness trick will help.

To Decrease The Internal Surface Of The Thigh, You Need To Increase The Back

Well-developed bicep of the femur (back surface) forms a cavity in the inner part of the legs. Thus, by working on this muscle, we can tighten the problem area. We will tell about the most effective achievement of these goals.

  1. Hyperextension With An Emphasis On The Hips

Hyperextension is performed on a first simulator – the Roman chair, chair, which is in almost every fitness club. Before the approach, you need to set the emphasis of the simulator to the lowest level. You are home; you can use the sofa: you need to rest your hips on a soft handle and ask someone to hold your legs.

This exercise in the classic version is aimed at developing the muscles of the back, and only then on the hips and gluteal muscles. To shift the emphasis on the biceps of the thigh, you need to slightly round the back and lift the body due to the efforts of the pelvis, and not the lower end.

A technique of performance: the feet are parallel to each other, the legs are straight, and the back is slightly rounded. We lower the body to the full amplitude down and return it to its original position due to the effort of the buttocks and thighs. To check whether your muscles are tense, put your hands on your buttocks: during the hyperextension, the muscles under your palms should work actively, and at the end of the approach – “burn.”

  1. Tilts On One Leg With An Emphasis On The Wall

This is one of the variations of deadlift – an exercise that works well on the thigh biceps and saves from the problem called “sagging butt.” However, to perform the slopes, there will not need any additional equipment – just a wall.

A technique of performance: we become with our backs to the wall at a short distance, at one angle we press one foot against the wall, we set our hands behind our backs. Keeping the backbend, we stretch the fifth point to the wall, as if we want to touch it. Lower the body to parallel with the floor. Without staying in this position, we return to the original. Slopes need to do to a burning sensation – first on one leg, then on the other, without taking a break.

  1. Squatting In The Simulator For Breeding Legs

Girls in fitness clubs are very fond of exercise equipment for mixing and breeding legs, and instructors often include them in women’s training. As we already found out above, the information can increase the already volumetric inner surface of the thigh. And breeding can be done much more efficiently. It is enough to raise the pelvis during exercise or, for example, turn around in the simulator.

A technique of performance: set the necessary weight and stand to face the seat of the simulator. Socks are maximally diluted, knees from the outside are pressed to the stops, and hands can be put on the back. We lower the pelvis down as if trying to sit on a chair. The knees in this movement are divorced themselves, and the stops create an additional load on the biceps of the thigh in the squat.

  1. Pushing In A Graviton

Graviton, as a rule, is used to train the upper body, but the lower part of it can also be correctly worked out. Exercise resembles a platform press with one foot, but in our version, it may be easier to shift the accent and feel the maximum tension in the hips and buttocks.

The technique of performance: set on the simulator the necessary weight, the platform of the graviton should be lowered with effort. Lean on the handles of the simulator, bend your back in the back and push the buttocks back as far as possible, so that you feel the tension in the end of the thigh. Leaning on the heel, lower the movable platform down and slowly return it to its original position.

  1. “Donkey Strikes.”

So in English, the “donkey kicks” exercise is called, and the whole essence of its implementation is reflected in this title. This exercise is best to complete the workout, making the maximum number of repetitions on each leg. To burden you, you can use a fitness cuff or elastic band.

Technique: hands and knees on the rug, the back is parallel to the floor, the look is directed in front of him. We perform a movement similar to a donkey kick: the leg raises and flies up, slowly descends and flies up again.

While doing both this and other exercises from our article, focus your attention on the back of the thigh. You should feel your muscles well and try to keep them as tight as possible during each approach.

We hope that these exercises will help you look even more amazing. Tell us in the comments what you did to tighten the inner thighs and what the results were.