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How To Get Rid Of Dark Inner Thighs Fast

Female Problem: Rubbed Between The Legs, Worn Skin On The Thighs Inside

At least every third woman sooner or later becomes aware of an awkward feeling when in the summer of heat, he rubs between her legs.

What to do in this situation and how to get rid in the future of the unpleasant sticky feeling on the skin in the heat?

 Irritation on the delicate skin of the thighs when walking always appears under the following two conditions:

  • Feet touch each other when walking;
  • The skin on the feet is wet.

Anatomical features when rubbing between the legs:

What can be done? Most often, people with closely spaced feet rub the skin in no way dependent on the weather. Of course, in the heat of irritation can intensify, but women rubbed their jeans to the holes, and at the same time the skin in contact with the inguinal stitches and winter, and in cold weather. The advice on replacing skirts with thin pants would be inappropriate here.

To reduce the risk of irritation from being rubbed between the legs can be done by making the skin in the problem area less sensitive, more elastic and elastic.

This Requires An Integrated Approach.

  1. Healthy food. The diet should contain a large number of seasonal vegetables and fruits, cereals, meat, and redfish. It is from fish that the skin will draw healthy fat, which is necessary for elastic skin, while the remaining products will gradually remove toxins from the body, which depress its condition. It is necessary to abandon the sweet, salty, spicy and in general from all non-natural.
  2. Drink plenty of water. No matter how trite it may sound, but most of the problems relating to our body can be corrected by entering the mode of drinking clean water.

The skin of the inner surface of the legs is no exception. Due to the intake of large amounts of water into the body, the skin will be renewed faster, become more elastic and, if you prefer, thicker. And this, in turn, will warn her from abrasion to sores while walking.

  1. Hygiene and massage. The main place in the care of problem skin is proper hygiene, especially during the heat. Elasticity of the skin is well enhanced by massage with water jets and a contrast shower, and after the end of the water treatment, you need to thoroughly lubricate the inner side of the thigh with oil with vitamin E. Special attention should be paid to the fact that you can only smear the skin with oil during the day.

The street. If you smear the skin before going out, then grains of sand and street dust may stick to the skin oily and, conversely, increase the risk of rubbing the skin between your legs, doing something in this situation will be useless, you will need to heal the consequences. Rubbed between the legs: what to do if there is excess weight or fat deposits on the inner surface of the thigh? Women with fat legs are much more likely to complain about rubbing the inner surface of the thigh than thin ones.

It Depends On Two Main Reasons.

  1. The volume of the hips. The greater the volume of the upper leg, the more friction occurs when walking.
  2. Increased sweating. It can be associated with impaired metabolism, and with an increased load on the circulatory system, and with hormonal imbalances that degrade the normal work of the sweat and sebaceous glands, and with the weight of the number of calories consumed for movement, and this means a greater release of energy and heat.

 The same problem can also affect quite slim women, but having problem areas on the inner surface of the thigh. Globally, getting rid of rubbing between the legs can only be done by changing the volume of the hips, in both cases, it means to lose weight. However, you need to lose weight correctly, so that it is the fact that leaves the problem part.

  1. Remove all food debris and sweets from the diet. Buns, chips, cakes, and sauces tend to be deposited in problem areas. So, no matter how thin a woman is, each sweetie will form a bag on the inside of the thigh and the sides. Anatomically, women are designed so that these places are intended to store energy reserves for the future.
  2. Exercises to strengthen the inner thigh. Among the most effective exercises for tightening muscles at home – squeezing a big ball or an expander between your knees and running, skiing or swimming to burn fat. 3. Massage and wraps. Remove a couple of extra centimeters with the help of professional massage or home wraps. Wrapping options are many – with clay, honey, cocoa or chocolate. The main thing is to choose the components that nourish, not dry the skin so that it becomes more elastic. You can admit to yourself that there is a problem zone and you can get rid of it even if you have a good figure as a whole. You only need a couple of months of patience, and you can forget all about the fact that you need to do something in order not to rub between your legs. Rubs between the legs: what to do with excessive sweating? Increased sweating may be a symptom of some diseases.

 It causes 

  • Endocrine or hormonal disorders;
  • The initial stage of colds;
  • neurological diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Stroke; • poisoning;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Purulent processes in the body;

Most of the infectious diseases. If there is a feeling that sweating is not related to the weather or the body reacts too violently to an increase in ambient temperature, this is a reason to consult a doctor. Indeed, in this case, the irritation between the legs may be the least trouble that will have to endure. Most often, the problem you can be solved in the office of a gynecologist or endocrinologist.

A woman is assigned a series of tests, by which drugs are selected that restore normal hormonal levels. Women also have periods of sweating that you need to wait out. These include adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. At this time in the body, there is a powerful hormonal adjustment, which is almost impossible to influence, and it is not necessary. Sweating can also increase during stress or while taking antibiotics and certain other medications. Rubbed between the legs: what to do to eliminate rubbing and reduce inflammation on the skin quickly? It takes more than one day to eliminate the causes that lead to rubbing between the legs, so there is a need to use tools that can temporarily solve the problem.

  • Baby powder with antiseptic effect. Applying powder only on well washed and dried skin is necessary. Then if the skin starts to sweat, the powder absorbs moisture and rolls into lumps, leaving the skin dry and slippery. The duration of the powder lasts until all the powder is wet. For different people living in different climates, the duration of the action of the powder will be very different, so how effective is this tool everyone needs to be determined individually.
  • Antiperspirant. The principal difference between antiperspirant and deodorant is that it fights with sweat, and not with the smell. For the treatment of the skin between the legs suitable antiperspirant aerosols. The aerosol is applied to the skin with a fragile layer, and it takes only a few seconds to dry. The antiperspirant with the effect of powder copes best with moisture, when dried they turn into a thin layer of dry matter, due to which friction between the legs is reduced.
  • Pasta Teymurova. This is a remedy for excessive sweating. The paste has a sharp, unpleasant smell, but due to its composition, it is the sweating that heals on the treated area of ​​the skin. To get rid of sweating for a long time, sometimes just a few applications are enough.

 However, Teymurov paste, like any medicine, has limitations on use, so you should always consult a doctor before treatment. If it was not possible to do anything in time against the rubbed between the legs, the result is minor abrasions and sores. Skin irritation gives a lot of trouble and pain. To get rid of the effects of rubbing as quickly as possible, you need to wash well with antibacterial soap the place where irritation appeared, wipe dry and treat with a healing ointment or gel with antiseptic. Among the most effective:

  • “Rescuer”;
  • “D-pantheon”;
  • “Beaten”;
  • Destin. Until complete healing, it is necessary to monitor the freshness of the skin in this place constantly and, if possible, eliminate repeated rubbing. If rubbing to pain is repeated from time to time, the skin on the inner surface of the thigh from constant inflammation loses its elasticity, becomes dark and loose in appearance. Restoration of such a neglected state requires long-term daily care, consisting of thorough hygiene, massage, skin nourishment with oils and bleaching agents. In addition to cosmetics, there are folk skin lightening methods that do an excellent job, subject to regular use.
  • Lemon To lighten the area between the legs, where it was rubbed, you need to carefully rub this place with lemon slices, after 10-15 minutes you can wash the juice with plain water.
  • Cucumber mask Cucumber must be grated and mixed with lime juice. This mixture is applied to the skin for 10 minutes and washed off with warm water. Any skin problems are easier to prevent than to deal with their effects. Therefore, no matter how long the way to root out the causes of rubbing the skin between the legs (treatment, slimming, strengthening the skin) is long, it will be remembered simply as a necessity that led to a beautiful gait and healthy skin without fear of long walks in any weather and in any clothes. .