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Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture for Children

Modern parents are learning more than ever about the benefits of acupuncture for children. The practice is being adopted in western hospitals across the nation, and for good reason. Treatments have shown to have positive effects on several childhood issues. Acupuncture is a simple treatment that is easy to understand and undergo.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is a treatment process that uses a series of shallow needle insertions that cause specific brain reactions. The needles are thin and small, designed only to simulate trauma rather than actually cause harm. The brain assumes that there is an issue and reacts accordingly by using the body’s natural healing mechanisms to produce brain chemicals. Your child will benefit from acupuncture therapy’s ability to use the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture’s Health Benefits

The brain is capable of a great amount of healing for the body, especially when it assumes there is danger. Acupuncture causes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, to help your child cope with the false trauma. The body will focus on trying to heal imaginary injuries while at the same time actually helping your child’s real issues. The brain will also increase blood flow, which will relax a child’s muscles and ease their stress and pain.

Acupuncture treatments increase blood flow, lower heart rate, relax muscles, and cause a release of endorphins in the brain. An acupuncture treatments uses the body’s natural chemistry to promote healing and relaxation. Acupuncture treatments help victims of child anxiety by alleviating stress. A child will feel better when their body is more relaxed and functioning smoothly.

Acupuncture’s Effects on Childhood Anxiety and Other Problems

Acupuncture also helps children with disorders like ADHD, insomnia and chronic pain. Disorders like child anxiety, depression, ADHD, and chronic pains may be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Acupuncture treatments specifically increase the body’s natural processes to remove blockages and put its chemicals back into balance. The process is quick, easy, and your child will have the process explained carefully to them.

Fear of Needles

Children and adults alike are capable of having a crippling phobia of needles. If a child is stressed out and afraid, they will only agitate themselves during treatment. The acupuncture process is easier done when explained and understood by the patient. Luckily, there are needle-free acupuncture treatments that can be administered on anyone who is afraid of needles. Treatments involving very small electrical pulses, acupressure, and massage may be used as alternatives to needle-based acupuncture.

Even with regular needle acupuncture treatments, your child will see that the needles used for acupuncture are much different than the ones they may already know. Once your child is comfortable with the idea, treatments are much easier and safer for them.