3 Instances You Might Get Tested For Tetrahydrocannabinol

So you’re into marijuana? Don’t worry this isn’t a hate post. This isn’t a debate whether marijuana is good or not also. This post actually aims to educate you more about your marijuana usage. Not that we’re pro-marijuana or anything. It’s just that, if you are to get caught, it would do everyone a huge favour if you’d go down in a “not too” pathetic manner.

Well hey, everyone deserves a few cool moments – don’t you think so?

So let me get to the point. What is that one thing that can totally blow your full-proof Mary Jane cover? I mean, you hide your stash, you’re careful when dealing with your pusher, and you hardly smoke with an audience. What on earth can possibly reveal your secret to the rest of the world?

Sometimes, you can put all ten fingers to your buff buddies. But most of the time, you can put the blame on completely legal drug tests. The only difference between the two is that there is no way of talking your way out of the latter. Drug tests are pretty solid. And I bet you already know that.

First things first: What is it that convinces the authorities you’re a heavy marijuana user when they conduct drug tests? I’ve got a three-letter answer for you – THC.

No, not the girl group that sang “Waterfall.” They’re called TLC – but I must say, they’ve got quite the funky groove though. Anyway, the THC we’re referring to is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This long, eight-syllable word is the active ingredient present in marijuana. This is also one of those substances drug tests are highly susceptible to. When you’re an active marijuana user, chances are, your tests will score high on THC. And flunking a marijuana drug test can make all the difference in your life, especially in these particular scenarios:

1. School/University Drug Test

Schools and universities are extra strict nowadays – especially those that classify in the A league. They can do random drug tests at different of the year. And depending on your result, you can say goodbye to your admission or scholarship entirely. Hey, we’re not one to judge your excessive use of weed but school systems are quite sensitive about it. In most countries and some states, marijuana is still widely considered an intoxicant. Some schools will simply not live up to the shame of accepting students under the influence of cannabis.

2. Job Recruitment

Has it been five years since you got fired from your last job? Or, are you a fresh graduate looking to land a decent opportunity? Well, let me tell you something. Smoking marijuana isn’t going to get you anywhere, anytime soon – not unless you sent your resume to a cannabis agricultural site. Companies aren’t quite as lenient as they were in the olden days. With the heavy influence mainstream media has nowadays, many companies and recruitment agencies have been very selective with their people. Naturally, they would choose people who are clean of any psychoactive influence. Not that they have a personal vendetta against people who use psychoactive drugs or anything, it’s just that people who are sober 100% of the time tend to be more reliable when it concerns professional matters – all hard facts, no offence intended. If you want to get into that big shot company you’ve always dreamed of, best remain clean or follow these steps.

3. Job Promotion

This is like a sequel to number two. Luck may get you to pass the first phase of the battle (getting hired) but there is no telling how long your hurrah will last. Companies nowadays do not only conduct drug tests during the recruitment phase, they may also choose to do the same when it’s time to decide on promotions. Employers are pretty much aware of what’s going on with their employees lives outside the office – at least a gist of it. This is why when the talk about annual promotions set in; employers play it safe and may decide to conduct another drug test on potential candidates to ensure their eligibility for the open positions. It is only normal to want what is best for the company, after all.

So if you’re a little nervous about any of these scenarios happening to your life soon, click here to check out our most effective suggestions. Happy four-twenty all year round!